P.S.A - Survivalist Rick is not working as intended.

Hello, Everyone!

These last couple of days have been very exciting in the world of the Walking Dead. The release of Survivalist Rick was long awaited, and we're thrilled that people are excited to play with him! However, we have hit some turbulence that needs to be addressed.

Rick's Hero Trait was designed to give a single Charge Point to another survivor when a Charge attack was used. As some have noticed, however, it’s awarding a Charge Point every time an enemy is hit. This is a big difference.

If the result of the bug was a few percent more damage, or a benefit for only extremely-high difficulty missions, we might be able to leave the bug in place. However, this bug turns the new Rick, when used in the leader position, into the best option in any situation. Clearly, a much bigger bug than we can allow to remain unaddressed.

In the next update, coming in around a month's time, we will fix the bug so that the Trait works as intended; it will match the description in the game. Until then, to prevent a serious fairness problem, we will prevent the game from starting a mission where Survivalist Rick is in the leader position of your team. This way, he can still be used, but n a much less broken way.

We’ll also have to turn off Survivalist Rick’s Call for now, however, once it’s fixed in the next update we’ll turn it on again and the Call will be available for the rest of the time we promised.

This is a temporary issue; when the next update is released, Survivalist Rick will work correctly, and be allowed as a Leader.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.


tl;dr version:

- You can't use him in the Leader position. The game restarts if you try to go on a mission with him, but won't consume gas.
- Survivalist Rick Call will return after he's fixed in the next update.
- His leader trait still works if he's not the leader of the group, but only for him.
- Thanks and sorry for the trouble!


  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,647
    edited November 2018
    God I was just about to burn 800 radios...

    I hope we can get 2x Rick tokens then @Kaz to compensate for the issue even for 24h only.

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  • GkingsGkings Member Posts: 33
    So, who wasted their phones on this glitched call will be compensated somehow ?
  • Stalker20Stalker20 Member Posts: 1,267
    Call wasn't glitched, Rick was.
    No need for compensation really as it's going to be fixed.
  • BerndErwinBerndErwin Member Posts: 69
    This cannot be true!!! I just 500 Phones to unlock him and cannot use him properly. Compensation should be for those who unlocked him and cannot use him.
  • ReeconnReeconn Member Posts: 540
    What can we expect in the upgrade next month
  • Stalker20Stalker20 Member Posts: 1,267
  • 8900rpm8900rpm Member Posts: 120
    I wonder what happened with all the beta testers. Did they neglect to report Rick's behavior or was something changed when it went to production?
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    ahaaa....just read this..🤪 sorry @Kaz
  • rsenrarsenra Member Posts: 34
    @TJS isnt about exploiting that. As I said I played with him and 2 scounts. I didnt even know about this bug.
    The point is: Why to defend NG in such a big mistake.... They have tested it before... 1) the testers didnt see that or they did and they liked.. Since I believe the tests were fine It seems NG's way to deploy the game is poor. Any way, such a big bug should be solve as fast as possible.. When they hope to fix in a monht it shows they cant deal with this kind of problem or they dont give the real matters here...
    I spent a LOT of money to get him.. to play with him as leader.. So I cant right now.. Thats the point. Like me a lot of people were neglected with this..
    I know they have to publish the program and it can take some days.. but It should be done as fast as possible... They shouldnt wait until next scheduled update..
  • rsenrarsenra Member Posts: 34
    @Pain_Walker I know that is the best option here.. What Im complaing about is the time to solve that.. It should zero priority..

    thats my point... No problem with the nerf by itself.. But solve it as fast as possible
  • DLHDLH Member Posts: 401
    @rsenra what "testers" do you speak of? The beta testers volunteers they were looking for? And you know that these "testers" had the new Rick to play with? How? Typically beta testers have to sign a NDA so if someone leaked the new rick to you from beta testing I'm sure NG would love to know about that.
    Asylum/BlackjacknBeef Guild Family
  • rsenrarsenra Member Posts: 34
    @DLH Kaz said that beta testers had the new Rick and they worked just fine... Dont put words were doesnt need..

  • TCBRITOTCBRITO Member Posts: 419
    Thanks @Kaz, I think it was really the best way to soften the problem.

    However, it has to be noted that whoever unlocked it, will still have the vantangem to use it and has the Kingdom Spear that can kill 2 walkers at the same time and charge 2 charge points of another survivor.

    So, I think I could keep his calls released to anyone who wants to unlock it, even though not being a leader, it will be useful.

    Please release the calls, so anyone who wants to make calls to him, will make you aware that he can not be used as a leader.
  • DLHDLH Member Posts: 401
    rsenra said:

    @DLH Kaz said that beta testers had the new Rick and they worked just fine... Dont put words were doesnt need..

    Asylum/BlackjacknBeef Guild Family
  • UrbanjesusUrbanjesus Member Posts: 111
    As someone who spent money on the game it really upsets me that they took away the Rick call without warning.

    They needed to at least give us a day to use radios purchased with the specific intention of unlocking Rick.

    Feeling kinda ripped off. Probably won't ever buy radios again knowing calls can be ended without warning before I use them.
  • rsenrarsenra Member Posts: 34
    edited November 2018
    DLH said:

    rsenra said:

    @DLH Kaz said that beta testers had the new Rick and they worked just fine... Dont put words were doesnt need..

    Yes.. ask him... He told me that and he have said that in another thread...
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    Since I don't have that many phones, I am fine with saving up another month. But would also be fine with having his call back now and another one when he is fixed. Or whatever... I can wait.

    Now for that epic Morgan's Staff... :joy:
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  • UrbanjesusUrbanjesus Member Posts: 111
    Could you at least give us a day back to spend radios saved anticipating a week long call?

    This feels like a bait and switch at the players expense.
  • DLHDLH Member Posts: 401
    rsenra said:

    DLH said:

    rsenra said:

    @DLH Kaz said that beta testers had the new Rick and they worked just fine... Dont put words were doesnt need..

    Yes.. ask him... He told me that and I have said that in another thread...
    No need. I've had my morning entertainment. Don't Assume too much cause you know what can happen...

    Asylum/BlackjacknBeef Guild Family
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