P.S.A - Survivalist Rick is not working as intended.



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    Firstly, you did agree to the terms of use. Not sure you read them though.

    Here's something you may have missed;

    (Quote from terms of use)
    We may manage, regulate, modify, control or eliminate Virtual Items at any time in our sole discretion, with or without notice.

    Fortunately NG did give notice & transparency.
    I also hope it's fixed soon but it would seem it's not as easy as that.
    Read a commented in this thread say Rick's trait was working as intended during beta testing but changed when it was released into game.

    Anyway, hopefully they'll fix it soon and everyone will be happy. Just hope they don't use their right to completely remove Survivalist Rick from the game without notice. ;)
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    DLH said:

    rsenra said:

    DLH said:

    rsenra said:

    @DLH Kaz said that beta testers had the new Rick and they worked just fine... Dont put words were doesnt need..

    Yes.. ask him... He told me that and I have said that in another thread...
    No need. I've had my morning entertainment. Don't Assume too much cause you know what can happen...

    Ok .. I had too...
    The point is. I dont need to defend NG.. A lot of people spend a lot of money in this game... So I feel we can complain about this kind of thing..
    No hard feelings here..
    Im still playing this game...
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    Thats is my feeling too. Glad to know someone feels the same way...

    Ill give you defective rick and the gold back (you already have the phones i used) and you can give the money i invested in him back.

    And if he didnt have this flaw during the beta test then why wouldnt you just send out an update of this version? I already have the same traits on a scout, i spent for the survivalist Rick's leadership damage and charge point abilities.

    I wouldn't have entertained the idea of spending money for 900 phones to get him upgraded to be a scout with the same traits as my current one.

    *And this was before I ever knew the bug/exploit was identified so the rest of the peanut gallery can miss me with that bs

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    I think you work for NG @TJS ...pulling those secret documents out of your hat all of the time! 😂😂😂
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    People saying you'd give rick back if you got your money back etc. Wouldn't you just have to spend it all again to unlock him again in a months time? Seems like a hassle to me.
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501

    I think you work for NG @TJS ...pulling those secret documents out of your hat all of the time! 😂😂😂

    Haha! No but I do like to have a full understanding of my rights. Terms of use can be found at the bottom of any page here on the forum. Everyone agreed to those term when they download the game. I believe it's important to read and understand them, you can also contact NG by email or mail to ask any questions about the terms of use.

    All virtual items are never anyone's property but NG's. You pay for the right to use those virtual items, not own them and they are all subject to be changed /modified / removed as mentioned in my above post.
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    For some reason the Disagree button feels so great to press today. What a nice touch and the sad face it makes is even more satisfying than the whole topic of this thread. >:)

    Probably making a video!

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    Firekid said:

    People saying you'd give rick back if you got your money back etc. Wouldn't you just have to spend it all again to unlock him again in a months time? Seems like a hassle to me.

    So you'd be ok going out and purchasing a new iPhone, getting it home and finding out you have the ability to make international calls, then being told that international calls were not part of the plan so until we get it fixed next month all phone service will be suspended? However you can still use the phone and make calls over wifi.

    You'd be returning that faster than you can say I want my money back.
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    They should leave it as is until the update, fairness my butt.
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,647
    As Teeceezy would say “All working as intended”

    Probably making a video!

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    > @BigBob said:
    > They should leave it as is until the update, fairness my butt.

    So that in a months time there can be an ever bigger explosion of outrage after people have gotten use to how his leader trait was never intended to work?

    No, the sensible thing is to limit how badly this bug can warp the game. It sucks to lose Rick's hero trait for the group. I unlocked him just before it was posted his trait was bugged and was looking forward to using him.

    But in the end, not damaging the game horribly and avoiding enough tears to fill the Dead Sea 3 times over is by far the more judicious route to take. Even if it hurts a little in the short term.
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    It is what it is, I spent 500+ radios to unlock him. Do I agree with pulling the radio call so early.. no, but I'm sure NG will give us a double call when it's fixed. 😉
  • DigyoDigyo Member Posts: 19
    I don't understand how anyone can defend NG.
    This is a colossal screw up.
    To take money, keep money and simply say, "thank you for your patience" is insulting.

    They don't extend credit to me, why would they expect me to be patient with them?

    And that bullshit clause in the TOS that company shills keep citing - they reserve the right to take your money and not deliver the product is pure crap.

    We spend money and have a reasonable expectation to get value out of it. This game is borderline gambling to begin with.

    This latest foul up is their fault. I'm no more patient with them than I would expect them to be with me if I took items from the store with the promise to pay them later.
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    They could have done nothing, left Rick and the call as it was and when people found out just how powerful he was I bet radio usage and bundle purchases would have rolled in all week. Then this week is nation wars, where people will be extra competitive and want to get further. With extra broken Survivalist Rick we could have got to extremely high levels which would have likely required a fair amount of investment and likely multiple gas boosters. Everything you have invested into Rick is still there now, and still will be in a month when he's fixed.

    Yes, it's a shame we can't use him in leader to give our other survivors his boost but you can't deny NG could have been extra shady about this and absolutely milked it's player base, if they wanted to. But they didn't, hence the cross the board defense.
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    @Kaz I don't care that I used radios towards unlocking him, but I spent gold to unbadge several components and put towards Rick. I did so to use him as intended, in the main slot. Not in the 2nd or 3rd slot. Almost feels like a bait and switch.

    For those that unlocked him, I don't think they'd be too upset if the time frame wasn't a month. I hoarded radios, but I'm sure quite a few spent money to unlock him. Now you can't use him as intended for a month. That's just poor business.
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,724
    @Kaz. Thanks in advance for the 2000 gold as compensation! :sunglasses:
  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 1,214
    I spent $60 bucks and 400 phones and didnt even unlock him...waste of money.
  • berg280berg280 Member Posts: 147
    the better NOT come out with 2X token call in a month. that would mean the ones that spent on him this time would get the shaft twice!! Like painwalker said he almost blew 800 radios on him but was to late. so now those people get rewarded with a double token call. and the ones who spent on him now get the single token call? I blew 900 radios just to have a useless rick sitting there now. give us our radios back and let us decide what to do with them
  • sumsikowskisumsikowski Member Posts: 82
    it is fair to compensate the same amount of ricks token found by radiocalls or give us the half of spent radios back.why? because i normally wait until 2xtoken event.in ricks case,i was so impressed by his leadertrait,that i took 800 phones to level up him to legendary.so,next games,whats your answer? otherwise i will take into consideration to withdraw from that game. would be a loss of about 100eur a month for you.
  • rsenrarsenra Member Posts: 34
    @Kaz i will give you a suggestion: make all tokens that we have got doubled. When you fix this release a double call. Give some gold for those who unlocked him. I changed a lot of badges and i had to pay gold for that. I guess that way who spent money on him wont feel so harmed and those who didnt get him yet would be rewarded with 2x call
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  • sumsikowskisumsikowski Member Posts: 82
    i myself have set a timeline for a reasonable compensation this friday 1.00 pm utc. rsenra's idea is worth to think about. otherwise i stop spending money, not even a gasbooster will be purchased
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    I have an idea, too. Give everyone who called for Rick and didn't get him and now can't for a month... an epic new Morgan's Staff in the TG shop. :mrgreen:
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    i used 3600 radios on him, he's almost 2 pink. double call in a month is a good thing ill have time to save radios again. Cant worry about they get the shaft or this/that. have fun and see a walker kill a walker ez pz.
  • TCBRITOTCBRITO Member Posts: 419
    I understand everyone's frustration as well as my frustration too, however, we have to understand that there was a problem, NG is not doing it because it wants to, but rather because there was an unforeseen.

    Right now, that's the best solution, because I'm sure if it were possible to correct Rick quickly, they would have done it ... That kind of problem happens, and the important thing is to understand and move on.

    Before anyone here says, I also spent radios with Rick's calls to unlock it because I wanted to use it, but let's note that whoever has it available now can still use it, not in the way we'd like, but still you can group him the Kingdom Spear and gain 2 loading points on another team member.

    @Kaz , give a Legendary Kingdom Spear to all players in the game (same as when they gave the Tara pistol) and so you can end this huge problem.
  • sumsikowskisumsikowski Member Posts: 82
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    > @TCBRITO said:
    > @Kaz , give a Legendary Kingdom Spear to all players in the game (same as when they gave the Tara pistol) and so you can end this huge problem.

    thats not enough.i allready have this spear. they can double ricks token.the phones are spent and away.everyone used a different amount of radios.without that bug,i had been waiting untill we see 2xricks token.i prefer carl,sasha and aaron for spending radios.i am focused on tough heros.maxing them is the way to get further in high-lvl missions.no need to tell you,that i burned in my case 800 radios on a quite useless hero
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