Survivors at camp speed up actions

It would be cool if a survivor could speed up actions at camp, including upgrading weapons or buildings. And maybe even training other survivors and speeding up healing, farming or gas production. The survivor would be assigned to that for the duration of the upgrade and couldn't be used for other things, just like a person on the training grounds couldn't be used.

Maybe it could even be specific heroes, like in cannon. Obviously some could could go multiple places like Rosita since like Sasha once said, she can do everything!

For example...
Abraham worked construction, and we saw a bunch of people building the bridge, they could speed up construction
Training grounds could be Rosita and Jesus as they have trained people to fight
Mission car could be Eugene as he makes ethanol, Daryl and Glenn as well for mechanical skills
Maggie, Rick, and Carl could increase production of farms
Carol and Rosita have healing, maybe Tara too since she helped with Rosita's injuries
Maybe Eugene could also improve radio calls!

Etc....there could be a limit on how long a survivor could be assigned to camp duties to prevent overuse (I imagine if Eugene improved radio calls he would be there everyday all day!) it would simply be that survivors shift or watch duties

Or a specific survivor/hero trait or class could improve those tasks as well

I mean this is the apocalypse! Get these people to work on rebuilding society instead of slacking off while three survivors go off on a run!


  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 498
    Thus idea is very clever and in keeping with canon.
    Difficult to code.
    Possibly could be exploited (not every hero is on an A Team, so putting a bench hero to work is just a free bonus).
    Disclaimer: I've posted that upgrade time is stupid, given that using an upgraded building is usually delayed by XP constraints. I suspect that NG just followed suit with the rest of their game systems and so, of course, upgrading a building takes time.
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