Yes on this bruiser??

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Bruisers aren’t really my playing style but I got this guy while trying for some Abe tokens. Is he a keeper? I think he is but if not, why not? (Still learning!)


  • SmokeandMirrorsSmokeandMirrors Member Posts: 357
    Thank you, @WellyLuga. I always appreciate the way you share your knowledge. It’s 256 tokens for my other bruiser then!
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    I’d have to agree that for me punish is non-negotiable must have. I like lucky because most of my bruiser weapons have concussion. Retaliate is also desired. Unless you have the badges to hit 80% DR then iron skin becomes very important. Unicorn would be lucky, dodge, retaliate, punish & iron skin. Unless you have some specific need bullet dodge, ruthless and vigilant are not desirable. Defensive stance is not a waste here but you have to be cognizant of using bruiser in overwatch then. I’d take power strike over strong but both are really offensive traits. I prefer my bruisers as defensive beasts.
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    Thank you, @Cronus. You are another one I always pay attention to. I am screenshotting this thread and filing it away for later use.
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    Unless your bruisers can do this don’t waste your tokens or time on that bruiser. He is hot garbage, trust me.

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    @avelardez WOW!! Yes! Thanks for the video. I have one bruiser with punish and that second pop is so satisfying to watch.
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