Feedback thread - Gas in the TGS and next week's proposal



  • HershalHershal Member Posts: 19
    One thing getting lost here is the impact on round passes. In the scenario provided, I would play 5 less rounds, which is about 2 less round passes. The following week I would then have to play a couple of extra rounds, thus increasing the grind.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,150
    It won't increase the grind it just won't reduce it very much...
  • DragonfyreDragonfyre Member Posts: 117

    I am a FTP player and endgamer but I welcome the changes to the challenge format too.

    If you are a mid level player, you can make use of the free time and gas to grind for tomatoes,XP or TG which is the same you will get through challenge rewards, except maybe for random hero/survivor tokens.

    It is much faster this way to level up everything you have which is also the objective of the game; get stronger, get better gear, better satisfication when you realise you can crack higher levels than before. This is speaking from experience as I had to take a break from challenges every once in a while to catch up with the PTP since I am FTP.

    The problem with that is a grind for minimal returns there too and at 5 gas per sure can't play much. The challenge is what a guild is based on. A place to be social and helpful to other teammates. By taking away the challenge and gearing it to Elite players also takes away time from that aspect. Players have nothing to do but grind what 4 to 5 scavenge and wait three hrs to try again. Missions are dead by mid range or higher as there has been NO additions to that in yrs. So players play a day or two on challenge. Maxed out to their play style and bored to death for 5 days.

    Why keep screwing with the challenges and maybe add content or open distance daily so those who want the *challenge* of playing can do that and the majority of the player base can play more challenge and get the supplies and xp needed to get stronger. And have more time in game than bored by Thursday when challenge maxed?

    Just a side note. Lost two players in my guild to this crap change. Wonder how many other guilds are losing players to this and the constant messing with the one real fun thing left in game?

    *shaking my head at the lack of caring NG shows the main player base*

    @Dragonfyre (Leader/Dragons Weyr)
  • rchaprchap Member Posts: 85
    @kaz - why not also offer reverse exchange of 16 gas for 1500 TG? That would help people like me that are losing 6000+ TG from your 'enhancements'.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,389
    Uhhh... @Kaz about the rewards...

    I think every hero token I've gotten so far this challenge has been Glenn.

    Original recipe, not extra crispy.

    I hope this is just my own amazing bad luck and not some behind the scenes rare hero % tweaking?

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  • SpySpy Member Posts: 10
    What's the point in having 30 gas extra in the store when the 2rounds till lvl32 is gonna force you to an early stop? Challenge is what me and my guild are palying the game for ,everything else beeing in the backburner, and we are totaly dissapointed in the disgusting pay-to-win turn that this game has taken. Please your high rollers, lose the loyal players. Thoughts of moving the whole guild to another game have been voiced. P.S. reward adjustment? What a joke!
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,150
    @spy what's you and your guilds usual highest difficulty you get to and what stops you getting higher?
    Sounds like you've got a good guild so you should all enjoy playing guild wars together and still be able to get to your usual level in the challenge.
    You also should have plenty of gas and time to get some good jackpots in some scavanges this weekend.
  • tdiddytdiddy Member Posts: 355
    jackpots in scavenge^^^^^^^^^^^ :D :D :( :D
  • SpySpy Member Posts: 10
    @Firekid hello mate, my usual lvl is 32 maybe 33.2 with a +50%dmg on a firearm class. Got a couple of players thereabouts, rest of them is anywhere from 26 to 29-30, maybe a light 31 if challenge suits their survivors. And yes! We are a solid team with a dense core, having fun and socializing outbof the game as well. We are f2p players so few weapons or armor for us with traits worth mentioning. So extra rounds is what keeps us going. That is as a team. Individually depending on time-at-hand we progress the rest of the missions of cource. (That is to answere @WellyLuga ) but we cant see any team progress without the extra rounds.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,150
    Sounds good @spy am surprised by the weapon comment as I'm basically FTP ( I do forgo my daily energy drink some days to by a gas booster) but weapons aren't too much of a problem what with distance and epic gear crates and just some luck in after mission crates. (Having said that I did give myself an early Christmas present for the Black Friday deal love me that staff)
    I usually run out of time getting through 33-34's by Friday so am looking forward to seeing if I can get to 35's in this new format. Hoping my newly promoted 24's will help!
    Still think you should all stick to it out see what guild wars brings.
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,196
    @Narnia Must admit I did chuckle to myself as I wrote it, hoping someone would get the reference! :lol:
  • NommaeNommae Member Posts: 34
    edited November 2018
    The way I see it there are two competing types of player here:

    1. Those who want to push high levels but hate having to repeat all the lower levels to get there.
    2. Those who want stars and enjoy doing easier rounds to get them and hate having the total rounds reduced because of this.

    I would like to propose a system that I think can make everyone happy.

    1. Players can adjust the difficulty of the round they are on up or down. Adjusting either way clears all missions so you still need to finish all 6 missions to get a bonus for a round.
    2. Whatever the highest difficulty round you completed last week, you start with up to 2 difficulties below that unlocked this week. (So finish a round 34, start with round 32 unlocked).
    3. Players can complete a given difficulty as often as they want, 2, 3, 10 times, let them decide.
    4. Set a limit to the total number of stars a player can unlock based on the round difficulty they are currently attempting.
    5. Repeating a round can give stars as often as you want up to the maximum limit you would have had when unlocking that round.
    6. Each round increases your star limit by the amount you would get for 1 perfect round per round below 22, 2 per round below round 27 and 3 perfect rounds at 27 or higher, e.g. unlocking round 27 increases the limit by 3 * (18 + 27) = 135 stars. (I think those are the current cutoffs, if not they should be and the numbers below may be slightly off). These cutoffs would be different below max level much the same as now.
    7. Completing a round once unlocks the next difficulty up.

    So lets look at some numbers. The limit on stars you could get (at max level) by farming a given round difficulty would be:

    19: 37
    20: 75
    21: 114
    22: 194
    23: 276
    24: 360
    25: 446
    26: 578
    27: 713
    28: 851
    29: 992
    30: 1136
    31: 1283
    32: 1433
    33: 1586
    34: 1742

    So lets say we have two players, both with of who cleared round 34 last week and so have unlocked up to round 32 this week.

    The first just wants to get as many stars as possible as easily as possible. The moment the week opens he can play any round up to difficulty 32. Since he wants easy stars he drops the difficulty to 27, he can then repeat round 27 as often as he wants until he has gotten a total of 713 stars. At that point he bumps the difficulty up to 28 and can now keep going until 851 stars and so on.

    The other wants to push as high as he can in difficulty. So he does round 32 once, immediately unlocking round 33, he does that once unlocking round 34. Round 34 proves too difficult so he can either keep trying that or just repeat round 33 over and over until he has 1586 stars total. If it comes to Sunday and he has only gotten 450 stars he might then choose to drop back down to round 30 and farm out up to 1136 stars.

    This would seem to please everyone, players can farm just as many stars as before, they are free to farm them on easier or harder rounds depending what they choose with a minimal 2 round grind to get back to last weeks difficulty if you want to push fast. They still need to increase difficulty at some point to get more stars and at any point they are free to try higher difficulties for a bit or drop back down to lower difficulties to farm out their stars.

    There are also a few other minor benefits namely no longer needing to repeat easy missions because you make a mistake and lose a star, you can just pick the star up again later. Also, you no longer get the annoying situation of pushing to the point you can no longer finish the missions and then getting a 12 challenge mission quest that is going to be horribly painful, you can just drop the difficulty down a bit. Finally double rounds would need to be tweaked to instead mean your first X stars of the week get doubled since the player could always switch difficulties halfway through a round.

    The specifics could of course be adjusted (maybe unlock 4 difficulties lower would be better for example and there are lots of ways the double stars could fit into this more gracefully) but I think the idea is sound and gives people a lot more flexibility in how they farm their stars without changing the number or difficulty of farming stars.
  • wrinkled_bagwrinkled_bag Member Posts: 713
    edited November 2018
  • SpySpy Member Posts: 10
    @Kaz , I will adress the tone issue first wich was indeed a bit off scale. But beeing ,among other things a voice for another 19 players often builts up. Hope for some slack. As far as the p2w is concerned, nation wars gave me the opportunity to see weapons armor and understand/talk about the bundles other players are using to progres fast , reach lvl 42-45 and gather as many as 20rp. i.e. full tomato to upgrade all buildings in no time (with a gold bundle), and flaming crossbows, staffs and all the sp. function weapons and the wpns/armor bundles. Not free and for most in my country, not cheap. In one of the surveys i proposed to give some of those weapons in the trade shop, few monts later, giving a head start to the paying players making it a matter of time over money. Also, we all know what the good traits are so more of these and less of the lesser ones is also an idea. Think you see where i'm going. Well thats all for now back to the dreadfull challenge fighting tooth and nail for a measly total of 8 rp (lol).
  • walkingdeadgirlwalkingdeadgirl Member Posts: 1
    I'm really really really loving the 30 gas! Please make it permanent. It keeps my interest. What if instead of 3 rounds for a pass then make it 2 until u get to level of 7 or more passes
  • NarniaNarnia Member Posts: 66
    Everyone please remember, fewer round passes will reflect double star rounds. If we get more round passes and have fewer rounds, double rounds will carry deeper into the challenge. I strive to perfect double rounds, so having to drive deeper into perfect could become an issue if you are like me.
  • TbsakraTbsakra Member Posts: 1
    I like the 30 gas hope at least that stays
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,150
    @spy you are sort of contradicting yourself a bit with your last comment. Your original complaint was NG were making it to quick to get to the wall and challenge was over to quickly/the enjoyable levels were missed yet now you are saying you'll only have 8RP which means next week you'll have more rounds to play which is what you originally wanted. Got to say though I agree with the bit about more epic speciality weapons in the trade good store
    a few months after they are available to purchase, still really want a concussion rifle and making it epic means people will still pay for the legendary version.
  • SpySpy Member Posts: 10
    Firekid said:

    @spy you are sort of contradicting yourself a bit with your last comment. Your original complaint was NG were making it to quick to get to the wall and challenge was over to quickly/the enjoyable levels were missed yet now you are saying you'll only have 8RP which means next week you'll have more rounds to play which is what you originally wanted. Got to say though I agree with the bit about more epic speciality weapons in the trade good store

    a few months after they are available to purchase, still really want a concussion rifle and making it epic means people will still pay for the legendary version.

    @firekid not contradicting. This challenge will give me no more than 8 rp cause i will not progress as much , due to hitting wall ,as the previous one wich gave me 10. And i dont see how 2 rp equals 5 lost rounds from lvl27 to lvl32. Let alone the single stars starting early on the next challenge.see what i mean? Pick a patern and stick to it or ,as many have suggested, give a starting lvl choice. Oh! And i never said anything about epic gear. Iwas talking about legendary.same as the ones paid for in the bundle, only later in the game. 😉 Well at least we got an extra preview on guild wars! (Lol)
  • gndriagndria Member Posts: 46
    I like the opportunity to get extra gas and the fewer rounds. But you hit the nail on the head where players who are growing are frustrated when star counts drop and thus the lose the rewards. I like the fact that you have tried to address those, but I think you have not gone far enough. Here is why.

    I am not a top end player (probably medium) but get to around level 32.x and get around 1300 stars when really going for it, last week I got to 1340 which got me hero tokens. This week I will have 5 fewer rounds which will account for 5*18 for the stars and 27+28+29+30+31 for the bonus.That's 235 stars lost this week. Also next week it is likely I will have 2 less round passes so that is another 2*18+29+29 (approximately where my round passes will expire) another 94.

    So I expect to lose around 329 stars next week. That leaves me way short of the rewards I was previously achieving, and I think its because you have not factored in this loss of round passes.

    After level 32 it looks like there are no changes, so I would not expect to see increased reductions in challenge stars needed, but you have. At present it looks like you are continuing to bias towards making the best players even stronger and slowing down small and medium players who are trying to catch up.

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