Season 9A Episode 8 Bug

ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 678
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After playing the Jesus/Aaron/Michonne warm ups, my first mission was LV 21. However, after killing all the walkers that were LV 21, Super Freemen at LV 26 appeared and began to savagely murder my LV 23 Governor and my LV 21 Merle is now in the hospital missing his other hand.

I would just like to add that I don't like using badges in season missions or story mode chapters (otherwise they would be too easy), and since there wasn't such a drastic increase in LV in the practice missions I was caught completely off guard (kind of like a certain character from last night's episode).

I restarted my game, and when I played again the Freemen were the appropriate LV. I actually wouldn't mind the Freemen being higher levels, maybe not 5 levels higher, but it would've been fun.


By the way I brought Merle along because that was a task for the daily missions, and now I demand 500 Merle tokens as compensation for this bug *whistles*


  • Camel56Camel56 Member Posts: 550
    Poor Merle! Bring a Bruiser with Punish. Should help unless he gets stunned!

    Didn't notice the 5 level increase as you mentioned, but lost a few times in 2nd pre trial!
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