Critical chance - can you explain?

Sorry for this very newbie question in advance. Please can someone explain how critical chance works with respect to all categories of survivors? Hunter and shooter charges are automatically critical shots, is that correct? How does crit chance operate outside that? What does a critical shot mean except no bodyshot?


  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 1,765
    Hunter, scout and shooter have a guaranteed critical hit on their charge attack.
    Outside of that,
    If there is a body-shot, there can't be a critical hit.
    A charge attack (for any survivor), can not be a body-shot.
    A dodge can reduce a critical hit to a normal hit.

    Calculation for crit chance goes like this:
    BaseCrit% + accurate + luck + powerstrike/sureshot + Critbadges + Critleadertrait.
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