Proposing a New Weekend Event(s) (Badges)

vshield50vshield50 Member Posts: 1,926
@Kaz ,

If there is enough support for it (and it is possible), could we have a weekend event for badge crafting that includes an "Increased Chance at XXXX Badge"?

It would be nice for those of us seeking specific badges like health and DR for me ;)

Also perhaps an event where we can trade in our numerical (non-percent) badges for % badges?

I hope at least one of these can be possible. I am sure the community can improve on what I wrote above but just some preliminary requests...😉😎


  • huskersoxfanhuskersoxfan Member Posts: 212
    Very good idea!!! Chance to trade in those flat clunkers for percentage bmw’s!
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  • DeadheadsDeadheads Member Posts: 606
    Kaz said:

    The second suggestion is not possible with the current tools we have. Which I guess it's better because then I don't need to say "This event is too good, sorry." :x

    @Kaz is it possible to trade badges for something? I don't mind scraping uncommon/common/rare badges for XP but I have a number of epic/leg ones that took a lot to get but I'll never use and it feels wrong to only get a small amount of XP for.
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