The distance bug report

potatopotato Member Posts: 14
1. When disconnecting while the distance reward is displayed, the reward will not be hided, instead will keep blocking the screen even reconnected, until the game is restarted.
2. When any survivor is strangled inside the exit, if remaining survivor(s) also go into the exit, they will leave the screen as if the level is completed, but the game will not end until (1)the strangled survivor died or (2)the survivors just outside the screen killed the zombie strangling the survivors. The zombies seems to keep moving pass the exit zone towards the 'escaped' survivors, not sure if they would attack those survivors but i would like to not takr the chance.
(2) makes me thinking if we could let the survivors inside the exit zone escape by leaving those who are not, this could make it slightly easier and avoid losing to the above scenario
3. If all survivors are standing inside exit before killing certain amount of zombie, if one of the survivor got caught then the other survivors killed some other zombies to reach the required amount, those survivors will leave first leaving the survivor strangling, but the strangling survivor will still escape when the zombie turn ended. Not sure if that's because of vest ability but surely that's not supposed to happen
4. I have a close combat survivor in green hp bar reduced to invisible before starting a level, when he attack a zombie without killing it (first survivor movement), he will attack and then get caught by that zombie. But if other survivors save him (stunning zombie, not sure if killing it also work), he will regain all action points, allow him to attack again. Also not supposed to happen but could be favoring us.

Hope you guys can keep on improving the game! :D
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