overwatch + goo = no exp?

potatopotato Member Posts: 14
it seems if i kill a goo zombie with overwatch shot(at least with hunter), i get no exp in return


  • ZetteZette Member Posts: 316
    it kinda sounds like the overwatch shot is not enough damage to actually kill the goo walker but enough damage to trigger the goo explosion which actually does the killing...kinda like when a walker is killed by the fire damage or a greande holding walker. next time it happens, check the health of the walker before it's shot then when the shot is fired, watch the damage that flashes up...if the damage that flashes up is less than what his health was, the goo explosion actually killed him so u dont get the xp's. good luck!
  • potatopotato Member Posts: 14
    sounds legit. I hope NG could make most of the combat animation make more sense, as most of them are very confusing now
  • ZetteZette Member Posts: 316
    it is confusing especially if u kill multiple walkers at the same time because all the stats flash at the same time and it's hard to see everything. the damage done flashes up, if a leader trait kicks in on hits, that flashes up, the tiny little skull (discussed in another thread, came to the conclussion that it's for a charge point), if someone has interrupt, that will flash interrupt avoided or interrupt, etc...it's even hard to see in a video if multiple things were triggered. But good luck and have fun playing!
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