Feedback thread - Faster Progression/Readjusted Rewards and next week's proposal

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Hello, everyone!

Share your thoughts about:
- Triple rounds starting at difficulty 32 (normally it starts at difficulty 27)
- Readjusted personal, guild and round completion rewards.

For the next challenge week (December 5th), we would like to try:
- More Gas in the Trade Goods Shop after every restock (again)
- Triple rounds starting at difficulty 32 (normally it starts at difficulty 27) (the same settings we are running now)
- Readjusted personal, guild and round completion rewards. (We can try something different with that if needed, but I would really like to keep it the same as we are using now so we can have a more concrete feedback).

The major complaints I've seen so far are:
- "Stop changing the challenges all the time",
This week should run exactly the same as the last one. And the reason we are doing this now is to actually decide together a setup that might be better for the majority of our players (both casual and hardcore). So that's one thing we will solve already

- "I'm getting fewer stars/rewards than before"
From what I've seen, nobody is complaining about the Trade Goods both from Guild or Rounds, so I guess that's okay for now, right? Low and Medium-level players who don't get to difficulty 32 should be getting more TG already. Players that usually stop at 33/34 is the one that might be in a situation where they have to complete harder missions to get the same rewards as before.
So yeah, we can readjust the Personal Challenge stars if we need to, but we would like to run the same settings for another week to see how things go first, collect more data and then make a decision

- "Placebo effect"
Playing less rounds and progressing faster will make you get less round passes indeed. However, they are not directly proportional, so you still have to play fewer rounds to get to the hard levels anyway, but of course, the difference will be kinda small. Regarding this question, I don't have an answer at the moment, and I would like to hear what you guys have to say about it.

Rewards list (same as the previous thread):

Round Completion. Note that at round 20 you will get 2000 Trade Goods. The reason is that we didn't want to improve it so much for every player. So if you go already past 20 rounds, you should be getting the same number of Trade Goods you used to get.

Guild Stars

Personal Stars

Feedback time!


  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    Agree with @ATLAS-Z
    But I will never complain about better rewards. Hopefully this will help make others happy too. :smile:
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  • tdiddytdiddy Member Posts: 355
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    terrible........ i play the game for the challenge..... outpost u can shovel it same with scavenge.... zero interest in ur guild war..... done challenge in 1 day, might as well find a new game to play the other 6!
    split the challenge same as distance is, i enjoy playing but its been reduced to make one side happy, well ill stand on a windy corner by myself and say this is terrible.
    bring on the disagrees.... is there a badge for 5000?
  • tdiddytdiddy Member Posts: 355
    i dont want to derail thread more than i apparently already did........ "short sleeper" 2-3 hours a night google it.
    i stated my opinion on not enjoying changes and now i'll go hide in my corner...
    carry on discussion apologies to kaz for slight veering off track
    see a walker kill a walker
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,225
    I've come to accept that my challenge will be over on Friday morning (playing the last round now) and I guess I'm okay with that. It gives me time for other games on the weekend. My TG are a little less than before, but since keeping the 'old' version of the challenge is not an option (that would be my vote, if we were to have a vote) I guess this is the least painful change version I have seen.

    So I guess I'm just accepting.
  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 807
    @TransmuteJun to get some context, what is the average ASL (Player level + Pink Stars) of your survivors and what is the Difficulty level of the round that you're being stopped out at? Are you one starring each map for the most part now?
  • CarlyCarly Member Posts: 3,098
    I feel I will wrap up this week’s challenge sooner. I usually end with 9-10 passes. Right now, I have 8 so I am not too far off my usual goal for passes.

    I do like continuing the gas in shop and the now adjusted rewards. I felt going to triples not until at difficulty 32 did speed up bringing this challenge to the finish line for me a lot sooner.

    Last week, I got the 1550 hero tokens crate for the first time, woo hoo! This week, I can see the Governor tokens. But, as I said, the challenge is about over for me so not sure if I will reach those Governor tokens.
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  • aafr99aafr99 Member Posts: 161

    as far as you keep that 30 gas you can do whatever you want with the challenge difficulty or round passes 😂

    Nothing more to say. He said it all.
  • SmokeandMirrorsSmokeandMirrors Member Posts: 377
    I don’t mind this solution. Having fewer stars is a bit disappointing, but it’s an ok trade off. I like the better rewards. I have it planned where I won’t play challenge at all tomorrow so I can focus on The Distance. Sunday I will play until it’s not fun anymore. That should only be 3 or so more rounds. It works.
  • whitek111whitek111 Member Posts: 94
    Im loving the new challenge set up. Better rewards and i can start reaching my peak faster so i can play other modes during the weekend and maybe enjoy a booster during a weekend event. Whatever you change, i would suggest you keep the 30 gas for trade goods during the challenge duration cause thats been my favorite thing with the readjustment.
  • stonemanstoneman Member Posts: 8
    Personally I don’t like the 2 round lvl set up. I’m that mid range player that gets to lvl 33/34. So not as much fun for me when I can’t progress after doing the challenge for 2.5 - 3 days.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,215
    @stoneman are you saying it normally takes you 3 days to do 5 rounds?
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,215
    @stoneman are you saying it normally takes you 3 days to do 5 rounds?
  • BonzakidBonzakid Member Posts: 29
    keep the 30 gas and the new challenge set up
  • stonemanstoneman Member Posts: 8
    @Firekid nah bud I’m saying that after using my 11 passes from the previous week I’m at lvl 32 and struggle to do 2-3 more rounds. That takes me 2-3 days to do.
  • Marian_dzMarian_dz Member Posts: 1
    Gas is awesome , triple rounds is only for high players , full rewards chances is great
  • CHEREUVSCHEREUVS Member Posts: 27
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    se agradece lo de la gasolina, ES INDISPENSABLE PARA PODER MANTENER EL RITMO DE JUEGO!!, que dicho sea de paso se convierte en repetitivo y monotono la mayoria de los retos.ENCUENTRO KE DAIS MUY POCAS RECOMPENSAS DE HEROE, Al tenerlos tan bajos de fuerzas no puedes disfrutar de ellos en niveles altos.Ya ha pasado mi tercer aniversario pero no lo puedo celebrar porque teneis mal configurada mi fecha de inicio en el juego.
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