2X XP not working?

There4IMThere4IM Member Posts: 48
I purchased the full gas and 2X XP bundle today (12/3/18), but the XP multiplier does not appear to be working. I have scrapped gear and received only face value. I may be due 3 million XP as a result. Has anyone else experienced this?


  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    From my understanding, xp scrap value will not change on the scrap screen but you will receive double xp for scrapping while on booster.
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  • KazKaz Member Posts: 1,423
    @TJS is correct (and thank you for that!). It's a not-so-friendly feedback case. But if you do the math, you can see that the value that's being added to your account is the actual doubled value.

    Sorry about the trouble, dude!
  • There4IMThere4IM Member Posts: 48
    So when I'm about to scrap, is the amount shown as value already doubled? Because that's the total my account receives.
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,449
    @There4IM it's a visual glitch. The easiest way to tell is take a screenshot of before you scrap your gear (with the scrap amount shown), exit out of the game and restart it, and take a look at your xp, you will have received double. Please note this doesn't work for retiring survivors. That was changed a long time ago.
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