Radio-call offers and bundle shop bundles

So I have been actively checking and waiting one day after another day after another day, finally for almost two weeks, I decided to come here to share some ideas and suggestion.

Firstly, there are quite a total number of heroes, about 25, compare with the amount of heroes that is on daily radio-call offer, about 1 or 2 or 3 or 4, average 2.5, so it takes about 10 days for a whole rotation, which is a bit of time to wait when you want a specific hero, let alone if you missed the day when your hero is actually on radio-call offer.

Additionally, many of us, like myself, want token of some heroes not others, so a daily radio-call offer that has a number of heroes, like 3 or 4 heroes, actually reduce the chance for us to acquire the hero token we wanted.

For that reason, I do feel that it would save a lot of time for players if there is more daily radio-call offers each of which focus on some specific heroes.

Secondly, I personally, and I believe many players as well, have been checking and waiting every day and day after day for bundles that we needed; however, it is my experience, and I believe experience of may players as well, that some bundles we needed that are very useful, like badges bundle, experience bundle, 7 days unlimited Fuel and Double experience bundle, don’t appear often, and even if they do, they don’t remain after a day, so I more often than not miss them and then the waiting cycle restart again...and so forth.

I personally haven’t really played the game for a week or two because I missed last 7 day unlimited Fuel and Double EXP bundle (and the one before that as well) and couldn’t find any multiple day unlimited Fuel and double experience bundle after that.

So there have been a lot of waiting time for both radio-call offers in radio and bundles in bundle shop for me personally, and I believe for many players as well who are waiting for unlimited Fuel and Double EXP bundle, Full EXP bundle, badge bundle, and radio-call offers of some specific heroes.

Thanks for reading.


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