Best stats for each class weapon

I was wondering which trait combinations produce the highest damage per second (DPS). Is there a site that ranks them? I think it would depend on the traits of the character as well.

For instance, I have two epic 4s 7.62mm Cadet shooter weapons, both level 11.

Traits on #1:
* Destructive: increase critical damage by 40%
* Increases Critical Chance by 10%
* Has a 100% chance of interrupting the enemy after an Overwatch attack.

Traits on #2:
* Lethal: Weapon does 10% more damage
* Has a 80% chance of interrupting the enemy after an Overwatch attack.
* Destructive: Increase critical damage by 60%

Which one is better?


  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    A question like this is never easy because it depends on how you play. Personally, I would pick the one with interrupt.

  • GremzGremz Member Posts: 4
    I think #2 might have more DPS because of the consistent 10% DPS increase, and the 60% increase to crit damage (which is admittedly RNG). 80% interrupt chance is so close to 100% that it will proc most of the time. This is just arm chair science not proper theorycrafting.
  • EricSEricS Member Posts: 23
    Have you read this thread? @zoson doesn't get into the math, but unless I'm doing something very play-style-specific, my priorities line up with his and he explains why he rates them the way he does.
  • GremzGremz Member Posts: 4
    Sweet, thanks for the link!
  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    for shooter, i always scrap the pistol if it didn't have the +range trait.. even if its legendary..

  • GonkistanGonkistan Member Posts: 166
    The best equipment has three traits (duh!)

    Range in the pistol.
    Caliber in the rifle.
    Arc in warriors weapons.
    Stun duration (concussion) in Bruiser.
    Wide spread on assault.

    Scouts don't get a "special" they just get "more damage"
    A better weapon has the above points "first" or "second" rather than "third"

    Damage is good on any of them.

    Wrestler and Iron Skin on armour.
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