Winter Wonderland - expected tokens per week and other helpful math

I was running through these calculations in my head for myself, and thought they might help others think through the costs and benefits of the Winter Wonderland event. So, in case anyone was wondering, here is some quick math to give you a sense of what you can get.

As a reminder, you get:
- 40 tokens daily from quests
- 40 tokens daily from TG shop
- 200 tokens weekly from challenge
- 60 tokens each Distance run

Let's assume you are a FTP mid- or end-gamer who plays every day and can beat a reasonable number of Distance and Challenge missions. You are expected to receive 880 tokens per week:
- 280 tokens from 7 daily quests
- 280 tokens from 7 daily TG shop purchases
- 200 tokens from challenge
- 120 tokens from 2 Distance runs

That results in a total of 2640 tokens over the course of three weeks, which gets you the Winter Snow Shovel.

In order to get the Winter Assault Rifle, you have to earn 2750 tokens. To get those extra 110 tokens, you have to reset the Distance TWICE.
- IMO, this is worth it.
- You have a free gas booster from the update that you can use this weekend.
- If we're lucky, we might get a Herd or gas event at some point in the next few weeks.
- That means you can get an Assault rifle with great traits for only 800 gold (the cost of resetting the Distance twice) and maybe some additional gold for gas.

Assuming you get the Winter Assault Rifle, you will have 2760 tokens. As @Kaz mentioned, in order to get the Winter Hockey Stick, you'll need to reset the Distance EVERY TIME (4 additional times after the Winter Assault Rifle) to get this.
- IMO, this is not worth it.
- 1600 gold (~$12) plus likely having to get 4 gas boosters ($8) is not worth it when you can buy it in the game for the same price or cheaper.
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  • sicronsicron Member Posts: 102
    No token events this time? We had a lot during the summer.
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,490
    @sicron this is a shorter event, so I guess it makes sense. I like not having token events. With the events, you never knew how many tokens you were going to end up with. The way this event is structured, you can plan out exactly what you want to do and how you want to play.
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,066
    I calculated somewhat differently but came to a similar conclusion.

    Rifle might be worth it if you don't already have a good one. Hockey stick is quite expensive if you haven't saved up gold you got from play over a long time and are also willing and able to invest a lot of time.

    The other rewards are very nice, though, and reachable. ;)
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  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,254
    Thanks for the informative post @JayZ, maybe we could see the reset cost lowered to 200 gold perhaps on Saturdays @Kaz?
  • RTMoneyRTMoney Member Posts: 4
    This assumes no events, giveaways, ect. When in the history of this game has there not been a few extra carrots to get you to play more? I expect this to be similar to the summer event where as we approach the end there will be promotions to help you get to the next prize.
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 579
    bladgier said:

    @JayZ seems reasonable that assault rifle is worth it and hockey stick not so much.

    But then don't forger about that it's not only hockey stick you'll be getting for that value but also all those rewards from the distance reset.

    Yeah, but you can reset the Distance anytime you want for those extra rewards, so it's still a question if doing it just for the hockey stick is worth it. I suppose it's always good to look on the bright side of things though.
  • PigBenisPigBenis Member Posts: 1,119
    I'm up to my neck in great Assault rifles, 1 with the same traits already as the reward weapon. Not going to put any extra effort into this event to try and get any of the rewards. Quite disappointed with this event and clearly it's unimaginative and little time was spent on it. More or less a carbon copy of the Summer one with the poor decision to charge players in order to obtain the last rewards.

    The only way I'd consider resetting the Distance is if NG let us reset using Supplies or TG, but then I'd being doing it for the hockey stick and that's likely not worth my time either for as little as I use melee teams.
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  • PigBenisPigBenis Member Posts: 1,119
    Not true, they had the ability to unlock the RPG sooner, which allowed them more time to use it before it became useless with the Coucil upgrade that came out weeks after the event ended, resulting in L28 weapons being the new standard.
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  • Michonor23Michonor23 Member Posts: 69
    Thanks for the math! I’m excited for the bow, it’s special functionality seems awesome. It will probably be great to pair with a shooter with sure shot?

    I probably won’t wind up going for the last two weapons now that I know exactly what is required since I’m not endgame and will eventually level up beyond their usefulness (even though I love the traits on the bruiser weapon).

    I didn’t play summer event as I restarted playing right after it ended, but could there be an additional mystery reward for those who unlock everything? It looks like there is some sort of picture behind the blocks but I haven’t opened enough to tell
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    Maybe push harder was the wrong wording. Players that paid to repeat the distance during the summer event got nothing more than f2p that claimed all available free tokens.

    I guess that's the point I was trying to make.

    This time rewards and what's required for those rewards is clear from day 1. Unlike the summer event.

    As you know, I respect your opinion & point of view. As I do others. As I've mentioned many times, I'm a person who looks for the good through the bad.

    If they simply left the last two or three rewards out then everyone would feel better they were able to reap all rewards. I guess it doesn't bother me if some players get acouple more rewards than myself.

    I'm also in no need of the last two weapons so I'm happy with what I know I'll be able to achieve from this event.
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  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
    Is there a chart or does anyone know the breakdown of when you get the Challenge Tokens? I'm not in a super active Guild so we often have difficulties hitting the top tier rewards in these kinds of events.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,401
    I have enough gold and could switch my boost days to get the hockey stick but it's unlikely I will, am just going to wait till it or the Morgan staff is in the bundle shop. Probably cost about the same but get some other stuff with it. Bow looks good just wondering if it has the usual charge attack of two shots, and if so how that'll work with it's special functionality. Could you shoot twice and move?
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 3,897
    > @TJS said:
    > I think it's a better set up than the Summer version.
    > The bow (like the leg RPG) is the main reward which is achievable for f2p. The other rewards are bonus for those who push harder.
    > In the summer version players that pushed harder, replaying the distance etc got nothing.
    > That's the way I see it anyway.

    I agree.

    I had to think on for a while, and I was very conflicted. In the end, I decided I agree.

    Most of us need to view the ultimate prize as the Winter Bow, since really that's what it is.

    Anything beyond that is to give obsessive over achiever spenders some validation for their efforts and $$.

    I like it, and I approve.

    Thanks @Kaz and @TJS for perspective. :smiley:

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  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 494
    Haircut needs a new hockey stick.
  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
    Can anyone post the Challenge tiers (Guild & Personal) for Winter tokens? @Kaz any chance you could list them out?
  • CarlyCarly Member Posts: 2,370
    edited December 2018
    Here comment on challenge levels distance for rewards...

    edit: I said "challenge" but link for distance
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  • SPC_TORRESSPC_TORRES Member Posts: 1,950

    Can anyone post the Challenge tiers (Guild & Personal) for Winter tokens? @Kaz any chance you could list them out?

    Here is what I have so far individual rewards

    would assume that 500 stars..... ish , I will see 50 tokens
    Have not seen any for guild rewards yet, our next milestone is 2,000 stars and that is radios

  • HatefulHateful Member Posts: 44
    Well it kinda sucks that you need to reset The Distance every time in order to get enough tokens for the hockey stick. Too boring.
  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 570
    > @SPC_TORRES said:
    > Can anyone post the Challenge tiers (Guild & Personal) for Winter tokens? @Kaz any chance you could list them out?
    > Here is what I have so far individual rewards
    > would assume that 500 stars..... ish , I will see 50 tokens
    > Have not seen any for guild rewards yet, our next milestone is 2,000 stars and that is radios

    You can only get maximum 200 tokens from challenges. If your previous tiers are correct, the next tier will be 40 tokens only, which is weird.
  • PigBenisPigBenis Member Posts: 1,119
    10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 =150
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  • RaffoRaffo Member Posts: 26
    I never restart distance, but saturday there gonna be a first time. I'm gonna use the free update gift and the gold I have both for winter tokens and for more hero tokens. Have more Aaron, Merle, Rick, Governor it's not bad. Unfortunately I can't get the Abe ones...
  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 570
    > @PigBenis said:
    > 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 =150
    * facepalm

    Let me quickly edit my post 😆
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,401
    @Raffo you got enough gold to restart it for the next 5 times after that? Or at least 1 more time to get the assault rifle? if not then the winter tokens aren't worth anything really. Agree it's a good week for hero tokens though.
  • RaffoRaffo Member Posts: 26
    Yes, I have 2.700 gold. But maybe I can restart a couple of times and then see if they give more tokens like summer event
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,401
    I wouldn't bank on that unless @Kaz would like to confirm or deny this, would be annoying if they do now as would be happy to restart the distance a couple of times but not all 6!
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