The new things that are being presented like trying new things out

You have made guild wars which some like some dont. However taking away round passes is very unfair and not just in that makes us get less stars and also takes away our passes. It’s unfair to the players that are not high enough to still make it as far as they used to verses a level 25 player because they get there’s back at a certain level. It’s gets way harder faster and there’s a lot of that doesnt see a big difference in the rewards at all. We would like to at least have our rounds back. You are changing to many things to fast on us and not giving us time to get used to anything


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    Only reason to introduce 2 rounds until LVL 32 was to reduce the (low)grind for high level players, so they can get to the good stuff much faster...lower LVL ppl just have to play other modes (scavenge etc)
    I frankly don't see what it has to do with guild wars??
    Also nobody has any clue what these wars are all about??
    Another reason to quit the game for lower and mid-level players that only want a game to have fun..
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    I want to add that as someone with VERY limited time at the moment, the UC format allows me to get to challenging levels (+9 and I think +10 even on reduced hospital time events).

    Running out of time while still 3☆ every mission is why I became less interested in the first place.

    Re guild wars though - that will chew up more time won't it. I'd hate challeges to be going back to the old format. I want a CHALLANGE with a game I play.
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    I'm so excited for guild wars! We merged a couple small guilds with a medium sized one and now we have a full guild to work with.
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