I have my own smelter

Send me your gently used gold equipment, armor or survivors.

Top dollar paid.

I have my own smelter.

Will beat any offer. Buying gold now.


  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    how about a level 1 legendary knife.. unused, unupgraded, untouched.. almost brand new!

  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    I have about 500 empty Bud Light cans,could be a 1,000..I lost count.

  • JennyJenny Member Posts: 346
    Sweet! I'm in!
  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    I Love my guild mates,funny fuckers.

    (Cept you Derrick)
  • Kappa123Kappa123 Member Posts: 203
    edited February 2016
    every shitpost in the forum comes from cadre. i swear these guys are all idiots.

    LawdogBigOleTDs[Deleted User]
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