Dog Dixon

So while I would love for animals to become a real part of gameplay, with Dog being on overwatch or saddling a horse to flee from a herd, I know that may complicated to figure out at this current time with Guild Wars being developed and adjusted.

But could we get 1 or 2 new maps where you have to rescue Dog or Buttons instead of other survivors? They could be slightly less predictable when trying to keep them away from walkers until they are saved. They could also increase the walker threat count the longer it takes to rescue them. I think it would be a fun map to add to the distance or in a challenge. We always just kill freemen in those modes instead of any rescue like in story or episodes. Maybe one less gate to open and an animal to rescue instead would be nice.

Or the option to save the animal rather than letting the walkers eat them as a distraction. You could receive a large amount of experience if the animal makes it to the exit. Good addition of morals and ethics, lol. Could you let an innocent living creature die just so you could get away? Are you like Daryl or are you the Governor, shooting a poor horse in the heart? (I don’t know if Governor actually did that but I imagine he did since I hate his character sooooo much.)

Or just have a dog running randomly around a map. I want to see some animals.


  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 498
    No dog until Shiva.
    All y'all are in the right space on the idea.
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