SUGGESTION: PvE walker levels based on player's maximum survivor level

Lower level players in my guild are reporting the maps are too hard for them with their current level. The walkers are much stronger than them.

One of suggested NG make PvE map difficulty dependent on the player level.

We've all been discussing our concerns from aspect of being killing machines, but I think this is a good point raised, so am passing it on.
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  • sayloessayloes Member Posts: 6
    I joined a more active guild to do guild wars and then found out I was to small to attack as the zombies where 6 lvls higher then me.

    my contribution to the guild was queuing up so others could fight in war.
  • Nick37Nick37 Member Posts: 477
    Yeah I am fairly low level and found those metal heads impossible to kill, seems these guild wars were designed for high level players only.
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