looking for a new guild

I am looking to join a new guild I've been playing since the beginning am now level 70.


  • toetag360toetag360 Member Posts: 2
    Also members who participate in the new guild wars
  • AndreaAndrea Member Posts: 487
    edited January 11
    MML_ITALIA need 1 new player! Active in GW
    Multilanguage guild!
    Enjoy us
  • ZombieMombieZombieMombie Member Posts: 77
    Hey Toetag!

    Moksha has some spots available if you are interested. A core group of us have been together since the beginning. We are a solo guild which means no bouncing between "levels". We do manage to play guild wars even though we are only a group of 14.

    We have all levels but most of us are 40+ and higher. We are a no drama guild and put life before game. While we ask that you do your best, we dont have minimums. We play because we like the game.

    If this sounds like your type of guild, please request to join. We'd love to have you even if its just to try us out during guild wars.
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