Double Weekend Event: 12/21-12/24

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Have a great weekend!! :smiley:
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    Thanks @Mystique.
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    Sorry to say for the weekend prior to Christmas I was hoping NG would have done more like at least xp and tomatoes doubled plus one minute gas plus herd I mean with everyone busy prior to the holiday what would that have cost NG.
    Here I though NG was in the Christmas sprit

    Well anyway thanks for making such a great game.
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    I found the video very Mystique-cal.
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    Mystique said:


    Have a great weekend!! :smiley:

    To the point, quick, and no belches!

    Love it!
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    I believe @Kratos mentioned he likes quickies as well.. @huskersoxfan :wink:

    Who am I to judge? :grimace:
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  • ShayHaShayHa Member Posts: 112
    nice video, straight to the point. tho bad event haha
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    Will Mystic be posting videos shirtless anytime soon?

    Yes, I know, I'm in trouble now. Haha

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