Story recycling

This has probably been touched on before, but if the story mode is never going to have a satisfying ending (takes too much developer time when new modes and other game aspects are being prioritized), then can we have more story maps recycled into Challenge maps? Kind of a "best of" from each chapter? There's no shortage of maps already existing, and it would be a nice shake up to the current rotation of aging challenge maps.

And as myself and others have mentioned, why the heck cant the story mode itself be replayable??? We dont even need the one-off special items and tokens to be re-rewarded, just a chance to revisit and reconquer an established part of the game.
(Though a new even harder difficulty would also be welcome)


  • allent392allent392 Member Posts: 18
    Replaying or adding new chapters would be another great way to keep us playing.

    All the new features and game modes are fantastic. I would love to play the chapters again.
  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 350
    Whenever I've suggested(or begged) for new chapters, all I got was a bunch of LOL's! :neutral:
  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 265
    If you've ever read my posts, you'll know I wholeheartedly endorse reuse, even to the point of asking NG to let community contribute scavenge and (maybe) distance map designs.

    As for replaying story missions as scavenge: that would not break the resource economy... But the code cost to make it possible... When few would encounter it... Makes it a 'nice to have' (aka, never).

    If I misread some of your point, apologises.
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