No man's land discord

Don't get me wrong. The forums are active and well moderated, but some (like me) like the format of discord more for live gameplay.

The channels could be as follows-
Guild advertisement. A Channel specifically for promoting guilds.

Strategy( could be a type and/or voice channel

Suggestions (a bit easier to mod xD)

Requessting help channel
(Voice or typing- stuck on a mission? Maybe someone could hop on and give their 2 cents)

General chat (kinda obvious)

Walking dead discussions
(About the show or comics)

Many channels with a cap of I dunno 10 people numbered 1-50. This could facilitate live guild coordination during guild wars for example. These channels could be used for frankly anything gameplay.

I tried to make one similar for my alliance in a different game. It worked well on that small scale but I wouldn't be able to get the discord "out there" before it died if I tried to make it for this game :/. All I ask is you guys give it some thought. It could be another avenue to connect new players and encourage coop. If it fails- a discord server is free to create and maintain.

Rotke guild
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