Deadly missions

When I first got the game and peeked in the forums the first thing I noticed were how many people were complaining about deadly missions being removed from the game. from what I gathered these missions offered great loot but if you failed the mission ie ur people died... They died-forever.

That was back when scavenge outpost and a comparably bad weekly challenge format were the only things to speak of to go with story mode.

Now we have heroes, guild wars, a much better challenge season, season missions and the distance on top of that.

Howevever if you are a higher up player and have joined the nightmare club (meaning stroy missions all completed on nightmare) and are up to date on the seasons challenges then the distance and outposts are really all that's left to send your people to during the down time between weekly challenges.

That's great but you are far more likely to run out of gas long before you burn through your main fighters. For challenge and outpost I personally use the same 8 guys. 2 of each assault Hunter warrier and bruiser. When one Hunter goes down I swap in his "second" this makes up my main hit squad-the core of my army. But what of all the others? The unnamed people you keep from a radio call or a nostalgic character you got back In a rescue story mission? When did they last see a good fight?

The only time the "cannon fodder" method is implemented is during the distance, but for some of those missions simply throwing men at the enemy is not enough and they just get "out of action".

What I'm getting at Is aside from my main squad I don't know anyone in my ranks, I barely use em. I want to have a reason to upgrade my lower guys and the risk of playing deadly missions would add a layer of fun not possible when heroes didn't exist. I wouldn't send my hero's in a deadly mission (hell that shouldn't be possible) but id want to have my lower guys used.

It's like "man I just got this guy from a radio call he's got nice traits but I really want (supplies, exp, radios, class tokens, hero tokens , gas, trade goods ,guild wars gas). Is it worth the risk. Hmm while waiting for my regular fuel I should try to get that."

A few things to clarify.

Deadly missions-

If your people fall. They are dead. No revives, no chance of return

Injured- even with a single pixel of red health left would be a "heavy injury" and is able to be healed as normal

Gear can be recovered by "scavenging the corpse" for 2 turns or something before fleeing to the exit.

Like in the distance. Completion is a survivor getting to the end. "One lives all live" as the oath goes ;)

Deadly missions would take a special type of "fuel" to start. I dunno "freemen intel" or something.
These could be found in various
aspects of the game (specific
suggestions from me would waste
space xD)
The above point would give players something to do while waiting for fuel (which honestly takes forever to recharge as is (maybe reduce from 10 minutes to 5? Should be fair. We as players would still have to wait (or buy) but wouldn't be waiting 40 minutes (for the 4 gas) to do a mission that takes 5 minutes to complete but I digress)

Anyways this was just a suggestion to bring back a game mode that was removed long ago that many seemed to like (from what I saw in forums at least)

Sorry for any typos/ rambling of the post. I wrote it on my phone at 1-230 am xD.

Last thing. Id love to hear opinions on this on if it's even possible/ a good idea. Feel free to debate any points I made or build on the idea.

As side note Any devs reading this
Bravo to you all. This game was alright when I first got it. But it's come a long way since then and made it's way to my favorite game (except maybe book beach) Happy Holidays to you all!

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