which heroes to unlock?

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Hi Guys,

I am new to the game, about a month in. I am council 16 at the moment and about to start upgrading to 17 in 1 hour. I read here too late to hold off on unlocking heroes till you get to the later rounds. I currently have Governor, Rick(shooter), Maggie, Daryl, Sasha, Negan, Glenn(scout), Tara, Morgan(bruiser), Jesus, Dwight, Abraham, Ezekial and Rosita unlocked. Below are the heroes I can unlock. I can currently get to approxiately 17/18 out of the normal distance and 350 ish stars on the challenge.

Should I wait to unlock these heroes till much later levels or will one or some of these heroes help me really progress further? If there is a hero that is overpowering/game changer, I would want to unlock him/her now to make things easier knowing that it would be another hero to have to upgrade as I progress.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Side note: I don't really see anyone talking about Carl. Isnt he a hard hero to get? I thought he would be a powerful hero to have?


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    they all kick azz. cept Jerry. Jerry sux.
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    The only three you need are Riot Gear Glenn and michonne along with survivalists Rick.
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    Riot gear Glenn, Carol and Michonne.
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    Probably only Michonne and Carl as they unlock at epic and will be able to help you in your challenges.

    Unlock the rest of the heroes when you are of a higher level, you save the XP required to upgrade them.

    For RGG, you will not be able to really use him optimally at rare so I won’t receimmend unlocking him for the same reason above. Unless you wanna try your luck in the hard mode Distance whereby you will burn gas at latter stages to gain charged points for your survivors.
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    Michonne and Riot Gear Glenn
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    Live a little, unlock them all, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Do you really want your last thought to be I should've unlocked Jerry?

    In all seriousness, I wish I did wait on unlocking some heroes, but that was before the Distance. You could use everybody that you can get for that mode. As long as you feel like you will actually use them unlock whoever you want. Just unlock them after you upgrade your Training Grounds!
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    Thanks for the replies everyone.
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