How about these survivors?

Hello, I would like to ask your advice regarding these survivors.

Do they deserve investment? Will the lack of luck harm the hunter? And the warrior without ruthless? Will be a hindrance to having to use the bruiser on the overwatch?

Thank you to anyone who shares your knowledge.


  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    Luck would be better than dodge for Pamela, but she is still a really great hunter. All of her traits are good. I would invest in her.

    Max is really solid, too. I would prefer Iron Skin instead of Defensive Stance but you can still badge him up with damage reduction bagdes and will have a great bruiser.

    Warrior looks good, too. But maybe someone who uses them more often can comment on whether you would need ruthless or not (someone told me it's not super important for warriors since their charge attack is not guaranteed critical - but someone else might know better than I do).
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  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,062
    Agree to above comment,

    Also like to add. Max is really nice, but maybe when you start beating the hard distance (+- lvl 21 survivors) he can get replaced by a bruiser with iron skin (in stead of defensive stance).
    I would make pamela and Max 1 pink star, but start saving for something better after that.
    Tina is really good, especially when you get access to badges, but she really misses ruthless.

    Concluding, all 3 are pretty good survivors. Just keep an eye out for when maybe one day something better comes a long.
  • PedrozoRFPedrozoRF Member Posts: 2
    @Jaden and @jimmorrison369 thank you both for the help.

    With what you said, there are more references to a safer choice of what to do with these survivors.

    Seems to be the most reasonable a moderate investment to take advantage of the good traits they possess, although with the traits that you mentioned would be better, but reserving some tokens because in the future I can get survivors with all these traits.

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