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Right now the only time the RPG is useful late in the Distance when my hunters have no charge left. Other than that it is still garbage. Much better off using the Reckonin’, or Eugene’s Pickle Jar for splash damage.

Others have suggested this, here are the only updates that would make the RPG both realistic and worth all of the effort we put into it last summer.

Center Target:
Disintegrated. GONE. toast. No matter what level walker or human. Nothing could possibly survive a direct RPG hit. You guys watched the episode right? Yeah, it would make higher levels of the Distance easier, but we EARNED this.

Adjacent targets:
Really these should all be disentegrated too, I mean you did see the episode, right? But I would settle for full damage/no body shot, stunned AND on FIRE!!! I mean, it’s an RPG. You saw the episode, right?

One more concentric ring of damage:
Body shot allowed. Definitely either stunned or on fire. Either or. There really should be another ring of damage. I mean, you guys saw the episode right?

Seriously, that would have made a good Xmas present. But I’ll settle for an New Years gift.

Thanks in advance.


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