130 times more fun

Guild wars is at least 130 times more fun than any other game mode.

At least according to NG.

24h gas (1440 minutes) will set you back € 2.29,

20 guild war gas € 9, 99

Using about 25 gas per 1h guild war this comes down to 48 minutes of gameplay for your € 9, 99.

This means you get 30 times less playtime for 4, 36 times the price. If this was an option, 24h of GW play would set you back a whopping € 300.

30 x 4, 36 = 130, 8 times more expensive.

so it must be 130, 8 times more fun right?

Only one way to describe these prices...

But anyway, i'm off to my local warehouse. I heard they stuck a red label on their water bottles and now sell them for € 100 bucks a bottle. I have to get me one of those.
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