Have upgraded everything in my campsite to Max. Do I need money to upgrade Council to 23?

Max storage at 18,961,500. Upgrade costs 20 mil. I am at level 66. have no more upgrades.

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  • WiushiWiushi Posts: 76
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    OK thanks. thought the walker pit had nothing to do with storage. Walker Pit @ level 10. Not using real money for this, only gold bars or thinking about it, If walker pit only goes to 11 I'm almost there.


  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,451
    @Wiushi most likely you are missing some supply depot upgrade.

    Check your camp you are definitely missing something.
  • SCBMASCBMA Member Posts: 2,181
    Walker pit max is 10 so that’s not it. It has to be one of your supply storage bins you missed.

  • SPC_TORRESSPC_TORRES Member Posts: 1,760
    do Not forget to check scavenger building

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