WHY!??? does it take 2 hi-lvl hits to kill a freeman in lv 3 challenge?!~! How does this make sense?


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    Because games are suppose to be challenging. Especially when it's called a "Challenge". This is a great addition. Thank you NG.
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    @OldGoth Thank you for this challenge! <3<3
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    I'm all for making things challenging. Lv 3 should never take 1/3 hp away from a lv 15 wearing lv 15 ironskin. When fighting against a lv3 challenge our lv 15/16 survivors should be the windshield and not the bug. Anyone who cannot see this as easy math is mentally challenged.
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    That's fine, you can take your portion of this vexatious discourse elsewhere. And if you are big enough to use such large words you should be able to tell that what I wrote was not a personal attack, there was no person named. If you take such offense to mere words perhaps you need to get some thicker skin...unless you are just trying to *gasp* troll? In which case you can take these words and shove them far and hard with both hands through your posterior sphincter. Thank you! Buh bye!
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    I agree with @AliKattnip , there is no way in the beginning, a 3 star chlg, should be that hard to take down a human, swat, fattie, that is rediculious ! WTH !
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    @Jenny you really think it's gonna be challenging jenny? won't the time run out and people like you will still be able to get a lot more done? I mean even with the free men, 4 days seems short. maybe I'm wrong about this, but I'd love some of the conquer people to chime in with their opinions

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    @Jenny I think you jumped to the conclusion @AliKattnip was been personal, without either reading correctly or understanding her post!

    She was just pointing out basic maths & wondering why said maths didn't appear to be working.

    People are allowed to ask questions & give their opinions without been slammed & trolled for it.

    Please be more considerate in the future before you slam people.

    This is why a lot of people won't use the forums which is a real shame.
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    So much supports! I'm getting verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves!
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    Thank you, for that ! I did not see anything personal in that either, just an opinion of the new changes. So far, I don't like them, my personal opinion !
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    I love the new challenges this week. The human enemy is great. However, it is frustrating that my bruiser can't stun a zombie above their level, but a human enemy bruiser can stun me when I'm 12 levels above them. Tough adjustment to make when fighting them for the first time.
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    @AliKattnip you are right. I nearly lost my level 13 to a level 3 human foe. We all love challenges. In this challenge a level 3 human requires at least two high hits to kill. Just think what would a level 13 human foe require. I am opting to sit this one out. I am comfortable with zombies rather than humans
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    @zeeblack Thanks for an honest feedback. I think they missed the mark on this one. If it takes 2 hits, from a 15 lvl legd Hunter, with a lgnd rifle, & great gear, to take down a lvl 3 human, same with my lvl 15 lgnd shtr, or lvl 15 warrior, (same), something is off, how after completing all episodes 12, with lvl 16,17,18 lvl fatties, swats, ect..... they expect us to like not being able to kill. Lvl 3 human? Messed up! Stars will be low this week for sure.
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    Somehow funny that statements that get no positive feedback disappear/being edited.

    Guess you got strict rules how to behave in public? lolz
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  • Dont think ill do the two deadly missions a third time, little scary, already read someone lost a lvl 15, the opponents in this one can handle more damage, our people should handle more too
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    We were talking about that very thing on our chat! We have ALL worked hard to get the survivors, that has taken radios, XP, time, money, ect........... To get them. Make it through some extremely hard missions, not complaining, but they are important to us. Just after all that, to lose them in a low lvl chlg? Not me! Like @zeeblack said, I may sit this one out, or play the missions. I love the game, but not going to lose my fighters, to this! To each his own, love it, or hate it. Everyone plays in their own way. Just remember ,
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  • @Annette578

    I think ill do the deadly a third or 4th time after to talking to guild mates, now im just waiting on gas
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    I like new challenge ;)
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