So disappointed - forced to pay for winter event prizes



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    Delphi said:

    It was all clear from the start many here say. This may be true, but i bet the vast majority of players will be deeply disapponted by now. I assume 2% of the players read this forum and another onedigit percent read the announcement to the last sentence. That leaves 90% of the players unknowingly (maybe 80% i obviously just estimate these numbers).

    In my guild noone knew. And we have some diehard players averaging 800+ points per challenge.

    So far this game was managed extremely well. To me this event design is the first flaw. Hope thy rethink this for future events.

    The first thing anyone should do, is check. I made the same argument at the very start, after checking it all out.

    What happened here was an attempt to deal with complaints after the RPG event, where people paid to get extra gas/gold, and then tokens were given away in TG shop. This caused a surpluss of tokens for many.

    It looks like a reasonable alternative is being considered though for the next event, so hopefully 3rd time lucky.
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    Kaz said:

    Don't worry! Campaigns like that will keep happening as they greatly increase our player engagement. But we are also taking the negative feedback into account and we know that there's always room for improvement.

    Personally, I think this went a lot better than the summer campaign. It was shorter, better rewards and the communication was clearer.

    So what we now have to address is the fact that people want to get the rewards they see on the screen only by playing without spending gold/money, but also reward players that excel during the campaign.

    One idea, for example, would be to make all the rewards that are displayed there achievable without having to restart the distance or anything, but if you do, or if you buy the bundles with tokens, you can spend all your campaign tokens in the Trade Shop in exchange for extra tokens/phones/gas or other consumable rewards (we still need to test if it works though, so no promises for now). So both groups of players would be able to spend their tokens in the Trade Shop, but if you collect more tokens, you would be able to claim more rewards (similar to what we did in Our World). This also gives some room to add some extra event days, so players can miss a couple of event days.

    What do you guys think? Would it feel the same way?

    I like the shorter days of the Winter Wonderland a lot more than Summer Explosions. Also, Winter Wonderland ended without any excess tokens. I had excess tokens during the Summer Explosions. I like the idea if there is an area to spend any excess tokens for any future campaigns. (Is it too late to trade excess Summer Explosions tokens for Survivalist Rick tokens?)

    Also, I am glad I have been saving gold. Otherwise, I would not have been able to restart the distance, reach 3000, and claim all the prizes.
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    This is probably one of the most honest NML events I've seen. Tokens were pretty consistent, and opportunities were there to get more via spending money or gold. Personally I fell 80 short of the Assualt Rifle, but didn't feel cheated as I didn't take the half price Distance reset offer when I should have. Live and learn.
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    One thing I would like is that there would be a little "buffer" if you miss something.

    On my alt, it seems I somehow missed finishing one Distance so I was 20 tokens behind the others who don't reset.

    Didn't need to reset anything or buy the last tokens or something and could still get the shovel. That was nice.

    I was a bit stressed out about the hockey stick on my main, though, because if I would have missed only one thing, I would not have gotten it.

    I would rather have 80 tokens I have not spent then be 20 tokens short after all the effort and gold that I invested.

    The idea with the extra tokens to be spent in the TG shop would address that, I guess.

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    Thank you for your answer Kaz. I greatly appreciate that you take all feedback into account. The idea you shared sounds like a very good solution.
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    @Kaz I love that you are willing to compromise. IMHO, the best solution is the one you have for Our World, where there is a frostbite token 'shop'. You can choose which rewards you want to get, and if you earn/buy more than the big reward requires, you can spend the excess on other rewards as well.
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    @Kaz While I understand that these events will need to evolve for future presentations, my understanding of how they are run for Our World, and I could be wildly off on this, would leave me much more disappointed with the event. I don't want to collect 3000 tokens and then be forced to choose whether to purchase all the lead up to, consumable items OR the featured item.

    If the 3000 tokens gets me both the lead up items and the featured item and then I have the option to pay, either in gold or with real world currency, to collect an extra 3000 to unlock some extra stuff, that would be cool.

    Basically, let me earn everything up to and including the featured item as a result of my daily play and if I wish to "go the extra mile" I can pick and chose from the options beyond that.

    As for putting purchasable items in the TG, might I suggest not doing that. As has been seen with the GW gas issues in the TG shop, people aren't always cognizant of what type of in-game currency they are spending to buy items. Past experiences would seem to indicate you (and by you I mean NG as a whole) are setting yourselves up for more headaches than are necessary.

    Would it be possible to have a "Rewards" tab like WW does, with the claimable menu, and then have another tab titled "Enhanced/Augmented/Boosted/Increased/Upgraded/etc Rewards" where the purchasing of "going the extra mile" items could occur?
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