This time searching for warrior unicorn. Any of these worth the title?

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Last time asked about assaults. This time Im trying to do some clean space and figure out which warriors of mine are worth feeding them with xp points and more, which one (any of them?) is that 1 for 10 000 , woth feeding any warrior tokens I will have in future. I know there is little difference between excellent survivor for challenge and for distance. Im little bit more interested in distance now cause Im still going towards that magical 70 lvl, so good equipement,components and badges, tokens would be more usefull. I will focus on all 3 star challenges bit later.
With that in mind, could you good zombikillers give me some advice? Any of warriors below is ideal, an unicorn, or should I still search (whta for, what is perfect 5 traits in your opinion?)

Unfortunately I dont have enough tokens now to tell, find out which is 5th trait for Chad and Chriss


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    Red Mamba is awesome. I have one the same.

    Chad needs lucky and Chris needs Ruthless for their 5th.
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    Red_Mamba is a unicorn to many players. I have that combo at 2 pink. No reason not to invest in her, she has great traits. Chad has a lot of potential and having a power strike warrior in your team is good. If his 5th is strong/lucky/dodge I'd be happy (prefer in that order). For me Chris would have to draw ruthless as the 5th.
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    Red Mamba is definitely in the running for "unicorn" status depending on your playstyle. I'd load her up with DR and Damage badges and run her with Michonne and Melee Rick and watch the Zed heads fly off their shoulders.
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    Jerry is awesome :#
    Remember to use your charge abilities
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    Which out of those 3 would be best for challenge 5+ RSL:

    1: Lucky, Ruthless, Dodge, Power Strike, Retaliate
    2: Lucky, Ruthless, Dodge, Power Strike, Iron Skin
    3: Lucky, Ruthless, Strong, Retaliate, Iron Skin

    3 is mentioned by you unicorn, but does dodge paired with hazard suit won’t be better in high RSL?
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