Legendary survivors traits help - keep or scrap?

After reading lots of tips and don't think my non-hero survivor traits are great please give me your opinions
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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,738
    Jessica is fine, although it's handy to have an assault with revenge. The rest are okay for now but I wouldn't invest any further. Try to find a hunter/shooter/scout with ruthless alongside 4 other solid traits. Try to find a bruiser with iron skin, retaliate and punish as a base 3 traits. Lucky and dodge help too.
  • BiggsDarkLighterBiggsDarkLighter Member Posts: 47
    Thanks do you think bruiser benji is worth keeping and investing and scrapping the others....
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  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,062
    Because all of them are 2 pink stars, Keep them.
    Those few tokens return is not worth it.
    You probably know how to play with them very well too.

    All of them got a couple of good traits. But,
    Bullet dodge is very situational and, even when used, very underpowered.
    Not a waste of trait but not helpfull most of the time.

    If you do start looking for new extra survivors:

    I would definitely look for a shooter and hunter with lethal and ruthless.
    I wouldn't make them defensive. Especially hunters are very weak and most times it is best to keep them out of harms way. I would focus on offensive traits. Luck can be helpfull.

    A defensive bruiser really needs retaliate and iron skin imo, punish is a must. Luck much appreciated.

    A scout could use strength and ruthless in general.
    + Iron skin and retaliate for a sturdy scout
    And Or
    + powerstrike for high damage (maybe vigilance too)
    And Or
    + luck and dodge for damage reduction and critical chance too from luck

    A warrior can be treated similar to a scout, but is more sturdy in general.
    High damage warrior can hit a lot of walkers simultaneously.
    Powerstrike can wreak havoc.

    Your assault is excellent at doing what Abraham does.
    Maybe it is interesting to get an all offensive assault too.
    Lucky is always nice if only for critical chance.
  • BiggsDarkLighterBiggsDarkLighter Member Posts: 47
    Thanks very much appreciate your comments
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  • BiggsDarkLighterBiggsDarkLighter Member Posts: 47
    Awesome thanks, I have started a second account of the game and going thru everything critically and saving tokens for the best traits
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