Enemy found & killed, timer at 00:00 but walkers keep spawning

doveydovey Member Posts: 17
In my last battle of the day Sunday 12/30, I had found the enemy camp, killed them all and the battle timer had run down to 0, but the battle did not exit and the walkers kept spawning. After killing a total of 79, I figured it had to be a bug of some kind, so I chose to flee, at which point the battle exited after choosing a survivor to be damaged as normally happens when you choose to flee, and the final battle calculations proceeded. Possible bug?


  • doveydovey Member Posts: 17
    Different situation. Encountering and killing all enemy combatants in GW usually exits immediately after the last enemy is killed regardless of remaining walkers. The battle should have ended this way OR ended when the timer ran down to 0, but neither happened. I even backtracked through the map to make sure I hadn’t missed any enemy and when I didn’t find any, that’s when I noticed the timer had run down and my kills were up to 79.
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