Outfits that actually do something!

Why would next expect players to pay such ridiculously high gold prices to deck our survivors in outfits that don’t offer any benefit in game play?
I love customizing characters as much as the next person, but the pricing for outfits is absurd, even during special, reduced pricing events. Anything that costs 500, 1000, or 1500 gold SHOULD be of value aside from eye candy on s survivor.
I would suggest that outfit purchases work similar to badges by offering an additional trait or bolstering some other quality about the survivor that wears it.
Also, can we get some new, non-hero specific clothing? How about just some different styles of clothes? Maybe some camouflage uniforms, cargo pants, different t-shirts with unique logos (“Visit Alexandria”) maybe some hats, and some new armor?
Likewise, why can’t we revert a survivor back to their original issued clothing? Once an outfit is applied to a survivor, that survivor can never don it’s original clothing.
The issue of outfits is perplexing to me and seems to be a blatant money grab from Next. I would even argue that, rather than issue new versions of iconic characters, such as Survivslist Rick and Riot Gear Glen, that new outfits that change a characters class would have accomplished the same effect been more well received by players. After all, Maggie and Carol also wore riot gear...


  • SCBMASCBMA Member Posts: 2,181
    You can put the survivor’s original clothing back on them. Just bring up the survivor and tap on the tee shirt icon. Then it will bring you to the “outfit preview”, and just tap on the hero outfit they are wearing (mine is Jesus), and it will revert back to the original survivor clothing.

  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 565
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    This raises a question from me - do survivor outfits show in Guild Wars? Assume they did, but if not then there's little point in having cosmetics.

    I think the idea of having small buffs on certain outfits is decent BUT it would also mean that certain outfits become the mandatory choice for min-maxers which would reduce diversity.
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