First survivor? Traits? weapons? armour?

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Ok I am putting out a general request as probably a lot will have been discussed so if you can send me link or assist much appreciated.

Challenge Event. I am finding I hit a brick wall once I reach difficulty level 31/32. This has been like this for sometime (months).... at first I thought it was equipment and armour not upgraded, badges not fitted etc. Since my survivors are now all maxed and fitted with maxed weapons and armour and badges, I would like to think I would be able to progress a little further?

I have used different survivor scenerios eg 3 shooters, 3 bruisers, 3 hunters, rick as leader, daryl as leader, negan as leader etc but all result in the same... one hit = critical hit 2 hits and wiped out?

So my question is do the traits work? which are best eg Eugene 25% less chance of being critically team leader.. each member gets this?....tried numerous times? . Its the same with others?

Traits in general.... which are best to consider when choosing survivors???

On this event.... hunters do an additional 50% damage so if 8000 would like to think 12000? yet its no where near this (3000/4000)

Appreciate some advice as unsure if this is common or game parameters wrong????
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