Which Hunter is best? advice please

Which is worth the investment, if any?


  • BiggsDarkLighterBiggsDarkLighter Member Posts: 21
    Thats what I was thinking might get rid of them all.....
  • DwemerDwemer Member Posts: 21
    I wouldnt even bother to think about green ones- not worth to spend tokens to reveal 4th trait.and then, even if 4th was fine, you can get 5th trait shitty= big waste of tokens. IMO reasonable option is to leave only good looking blue ones and try to get that 5th,good trait.
    bullet dodge is in 99% situation enough reason to scrap
  • BiggsDarkLighterBiggsDarkLighter Member Posts: 21
    From my other account a keeper?
  • Killdozer187_Killdozer187_ Member Posts: 35
    bin them
  • BiggsDarkLighterBiggsDarkLighter Member Posts: 21
    Even the unihunter above?
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 2,715

    Even the unihunter above?

    Nope, she looks quite good. Luck or revenge would be nice for her. Might not be a perfect unicorn but still really good.

    The others: trash
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  • LoneWanderer360LoneWanderer360 Member Posts: 83
    I don't like any of the traits that require you don't move. Bullet dodge is automatic fail.
  • CronusCronus Member Posts: 823
    On UniHunter if you get Lucky or Revenge you have a great hunter. If you get Iron Skin or Vigilant still a keeper. Bullet Dodge or Defensive Stance I'd send my regrets. If you're heavy into Guild Wars Bullet Dodge might serve a purpose.
  • Michonor23Michonor23 Member Posts: 52
    Don’t invest any tokens in the set at the top. Henry isn’t terrible if you want one to keep until you get something better. But I’d only suggest limited training. Investing a lot of tokens or experience would ultimately be pointless because you will find something better and you already have a solid hunter in Daryl. If you have Maggie and Sasha as well you should probably just get rid of Henry now.

    UniHunter has good potential.
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