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I’m mad at the forum. Lol

Normally so smart and strategic and dishing out advice, some, are appearing to be disappointingly needy. Im frustrated with the demanding attitude im seeing and the total lack of thought processing about GW’s and the zero attempt at just playing what we’ve been given. With far too few threads discussing strategies and gameplay. I’ve kept myself in check ( semi-ish) for most of the past situations where players were basically demanding to have their way, but they will ruin this for all of us if no one speaks up.

We are only , almost, to the end of season one. Let NG focus on bug fixes. ( I understand the need of mentioning them)

I’ve been totally impressed by players of the past that have brought original play to the attention of the community. Instead of demanding more gas, less signed up players or different hospitals and basically a custom built GW’s how about playing and coming up with some mind blowing strategies and game play, within all the perimeters present.

I believe it can be done......With the exact Guild Wars we have already.



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    I for some reason and covering my throat when I say this (natural reaction for some reason), but yes people should enjoy the game but I agree with @xbamfx about voicing our opinions.

    @Jenng your point is awesome and I agree that we should enjoy the game as presented. I am trying my best to do that as well. But I too am a proponent of complaining about the product to make it better even if the ideas posted are not my own viewpoint.

    That said I'll pm you a bottle of the wine of your choice @Jenng 😊

    That was funny BTW @zbot ! 🤣🤣🤣
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,396

    This is what I’m talking about!!!! Thank you for sharing some battle plan insights.

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    This plan has helped my guild be on top and in the top guilds of the GW leaderboard. In the last War we will unlock the chainsaw and by next season get the master tier rewards unlocked if it does not reset. Part of our success is our great team work and people committing to play. We have a solid group. One of the best to play with.
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    @Katz_Killers18 that looks like an awesome strategy! I’m sure it will get you to 1st place 😉 good luck.
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    > @Katz_Killers18 said:
    > @Jenng, feel free to use!!
    > I hope I haven't given away too much information here, I don't want to hurt my Guild for the next GW's!

    My new strategy is not playing guild wars while I watch everybody else play guild wars.

    Crazy ideas over here, I know.

    Here's a strategic way to save keys and gas. Only start 6 players. After you see who your opponent is you can jump in up to the max amount (10 players) if it's a top guild.

    If it's weaker guild or a bot guild like Dwight etc.
    Use min keys and gas. 😊
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    > @Katz_Killers18 said:
    > Hey it worked for a little while anyway. Don't see us climbing the success ladder with this

    I'm trying to become a better slacker than Dubya
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    There is another strategy but I have to test it in next War. TBC.
  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,252
    There is another strategy but I have to test it in next War. TBC.
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    zbot said:

    I have a theory that Kaz isn't one person but a group of NG employees taking shifts. Positive energy rocks!

    Could it be true?

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    Didn't @teeceezy have like 27 alts?
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    JSS @Jenng , 'cause you know, it's me.
    Mavericks Guild Family
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