FYI Humans needing 2 shots to kill is intentional!



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    zoson said:

    It is called a *challenge* ... Also someone with only level 3 characters has better ways to spend their time in the game.

    bs, why shouldnt all levels enjoy the game? and if you read between the lines of lvl 3 vs lvl 3... what do you think is gonna happen when your characters are same level as the enemy humans
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    if reality... if a wussy stabs you with a knife, it's going to suck. even you're a badass. just saying. :pensive:
    it makes sense, logically speaking, but it does kind of ruin the whole mechanics we're used to.
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    Also. .. they move faster and I think farther.

    BTW Beware the fence. A raider stabbed my survivor through the fence. I need to get adjusted to them being able to do stuff like that.

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    Ok here is my thought.. When you start out on the first round of guild challenges the LVL 3 Human Enemies should be easier to kill and here is why. Those humans should either A: already have sustained injuries and are weak. Or B: Untrained Human enemies like on the show (which have many examples of weak non- fighters) The Human Enemies should progress in ability and strength just like the players do.
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    My lower level guild memebers can not do the challenges now they can't make it because they just die. This is really unfortunate, they are good players that just will want to quit. That isn't right. They should at least be able to finish 1 wave/round of the challenges. They can not finish one or two of the challenges now. I'm up to 164 stars on this new set but the humans don't get harder they are level 16 it says in them. They just added a few more of them. Where there were 3 on a particular challenge now I have 6 humans to fight. So it does not seem right that on the first level where the human enemies are level 3, they are of the same strength as when it says they are level 16.
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