Guild wars: call to action



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    Well crap
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    @Pic Awesome!
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    Stolen from Dlich
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    > @Jenng said:
    > @xbamfx
    > @colinat is using a snippet of my eloquent post word for word exactly. You already disagreed or jss’d my ass so you’re good.

    Oh, I thought I was pretty fair in my reaction to it. I didn’t know it stung that bad, if it makes you feel better I can go back and put a little heart on it.
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    Here's how I see it...Things are getting touchy out there!

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    Haha pretty funny. Donate to bamf master tier run lmao GW broke my ass after Christmas too $500!
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    Seems cowardly to me.
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    > @jester said:
    > Seems cowardly to me.

    You wanna win the war?

    Know what you're fighting for
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    Wtf are you talking about?
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    Guild Wars: Call to Action.

    I am a 'free to play' player of NML and will therefore play until I run out of gas and then stop and play again later when the gas is renewed. Nevertheless I support this boycott of 'red gas' based on it being too expensive.
    I have been in one guild since I started playing and for most of the time I have been the only active player. Therefore I have not been able to play Guild Wars yet and so I don't fully understand the game mechanics being commented on.
    I will say that giving away a small or very small amount of 'red gas' for players only viewing other guild mates playing in their battles sounds like a good way to promote and advertise the Guild Wars part of the game if it needs or needed to be promoted. Or just as a freebie to encourage more playing of NML in general.
    I have noticed 'red gas' being given as rewards in the Challenges and on, I think, just the hard version of the Distance but didn't realise it was only on certain weeks as I usually play the normal version of the Distance.

    Therefore as an idea I give a '+1' to the idea of the Challenges and the Distance, in both normal & hard modes, giving amounts of 'red gas' away on a regular basis as rewards if for no other reason than a stop gap to devising a better 'red gas' system for the Guild Wars part of NML.
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