Guild Wars Defending Teams

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Despite what we were told, our strongest survivors ARE NOT necessarily chosen to be the "enemy" when battling another guild during Guild wars.

That said what would you prefer?

Guild Wars Defending Teams 38 votes

My strongest defenders should be the enemy for the guild we are facing.
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My weakest defenders should be the enemy for the guild we are facing.
Should be randomly selected.
CaptainslayerromeoxbamfxWellyLugaCelgar1719 5 votes
Whatever NG decides is best.
TripodeuchidJenngADPaqRealClareBOvergrowdaworld 6 votes
Who the hell is moops?
CaptMckoySgtSalamibigbeanoFirekidTeenahGee 5 votes


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    Should be randomly selected.
    There should be a randomness to it I feel. Certain things should be prioritized though, I dont know the first thing about coding but I'd like to see certain conditions be part of the selection process.

    The leader should always be a hero and the game should prioritize the ones with leader traits most useful for that scenario. Since defenders don't use charge attacks it should not pick Glenn, Morgan, Tara, SRick, Rufus or Sasha. Michonne, OG Glenn, Maggie, & Governor LT's aren't much use in this scenario so I'd like to see them excluded too. The rest boost damage or survivabilty in some way so I would like my defenders to have one hero trait in use.

    The other two survivors I would like to see regular survivors picked, perhaps one ranged and one melee survivor. Part of the fun about battling another player is that they have survivors who are unique to them and you don't know what traits they have. After that I think stun resist armour should be picked above anything else.
  • vshield50vshield50 Member Posts: 2,188
    My strongest defenders should be the enemy for the guild we are facing.
    I wish there would at least be a firm direction. Either pick all of our weakest or all of our best. Being random can give an unfair advantage to another team based on chance.

    I know for next council upgrade in 2021 that I am only upgrading a couple main survivors so that they don't select any of my wimps at lvl
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 3,812
    Is there a choice where enemies have to face my strongest team, but I get to face their mediocre bots?

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  • vshield50vshield50 Member Posts: 2,188
    My strongest defenders should be the enemy for the guild we are facing.
    I played the hardest missions with highest rewards (right sector) and the survivors I took on were not the strongest that the person had. Just my experience.
  • Celgar1719Celgar1719 Member Posts: 6
    Should be randomly selected.
    I would say we should be able to choose our own defenders like we do in Outposts. Although in Outposts the game seems to mismatch so its always eg level 21 attacking level 17 so always four levels stronger. Therefore I think my defenders have only defeated one attack so far. Hard to say what would be best - I won't say what the current highest vote is on the poll as that would ruin the vote.
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    Whatever NG decides is best.
    In the junkyards I had to fight level 25 when I’m level 21 and 22. I barely won with my life! This warrior just wouldn’t die! Lol. I finally killed her but I had 2 dead and my last dude in the red. With it being imbalanced like it is, I think I’ll let NG work it out.

    If my level 22 has to fight level 25? I don’t want to fight their best, toughest 25’s,
  • MattOfEarthMattOfEarth Member Posts: 624
    My strongest defenders should be the enemy for the guild we are facing.
    I’ve faced a rediculous amount of RARE RGGlenn bots. No complaint, makes my life easy. But, I hate to think that the system is pulling my Epic Jerry or Eugene when I have 2 and 3 pink level survivors for all classes.
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    I wish I could pick my defenders, just like in Outposts. Especially because badges don't work on defenders.
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