Taras skill is broken?

HäteyKilloHäteyKillo Member Posts: 3
edited February 4 in Bug Reports
For me Taras skill is only working on her, but not on her teammates...


  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 2,052
    Is she in leader far left position?
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  • HäteyKilloHäteyKillo Member Posts: 3
    Sure...i'm not a dumbo ;)
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,372
    @HäteyKillo what’s happening to your other survivors that makes you think Tara’s leadership ability isn’t working?

    Here is how her ability is supposed to work.

    Tara's Leader Trait and injuries after missions
    Using Tara's leader trait, Healing Charge, your survivors regain x% of health when using their charge attacks. They find that inner burst of strength to survive when everything seems hopeless.

    If your survivors get injured during a mission, they still need to rest up in the Hospital afterwards even if Tara's leader trait heals them back to to health.

    Similarly, Healing Charge doesn't cancel out any injuries that affect your Quest or Challenge star requirements.

    Note: If your survivor goes down into the red health bar, Tara’s trait can’t heal them back up to the green health bar.
  • WestieMaxWestieMax Member Posts: 4
    I had Tara in the lead, Sasha with just a tiny bit of green health left. Sasha used her charged ability and she went to a red health bar. On top that on next turn, Sasha was bleeding. She was nowhere near an enemy so she wasn't hit. This is a bug, no?
  • huskersoxfanhuskersoxfan Member Posts: 185
    It would be cool if NG’s newest hero would be “Battle Tara”. With her leader trait halving healing time in hospital only after Guild War battle....

    Maybe not even create new hero for this, but change the trait on her now. Know I’d be more apt to use her.
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  • GoatlipsGoatlips Member Posts: 62
    > @HäteyKillo said:
    > Sure...i'm not a dumbo ;)

    LOL 😂👍.
    Yeah, I think I had this too. Also, after the others had healed themselves and I'd finish the Scavenge/Challenge/Outpost(?) mission they were sent to hospital even though they were fully green in the end!
    I accept losing a star for injuries on Challenge, but if you get them back to full health they shouldn't be in hospital! ♿🏥
  • GoatlipsGoatlips Member Posts: 62
    @zbot said:
    "If your survivors get injured during a mission, they still need to rest up in the Hospital afterwards even if Tara's leader trait heals them back to to health."

    I see. So Tara's leader trait is worthless on everything but The Distance then! The chance of avoiding hospital would've been good. Poor decision from the developers.
    Back to 3x Assault team it is then 😢👎.
  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 65
    Yeah, it's really irritating the way healing works. I've even fully recovered players and they still go in hospital.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 1,191
    And that’s why she’s the worst shooter in the game. No wonder she’s given free when you start the game.
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