Update 3.1 - Patch Notes

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Version 3.1 is here and we're starting up Guild Wars Season 2 with a lot of fixes, improvements, and support for our latest and greatest game mode! This update focuses on the Guild Wars feature, and also adds Season Missions for the second half of the Walking Dead Season 9. Read on to find out all the details.

📺 Season 9B
The Walking Dead returns to your television at the start of February, and we're right there alongside each episode with a new Season mission that follows the episode's events. As always, we encourage you to enjoy the show and to jump right into the game after each episode to play through a scene with us! Resources, phones, and Daryl Tokens are on offer for players who complete the Trial missions and stay up-to-date as the season progresses.

🤫 New Enemies: the Whisperers
They walk alike, they smell alike, but these humans are definitely different from the walkers that surround them. Your enemies in NML are getting smarter, and have a new trick - they have disguised themselves as walkers! When you attack or approach them, they will reveal their true form, and start acting as normal human enemies from that moment on. But wading into a crowd of walkers is now riskier than it ever was before, so keep an eye out for these enemies to appear, starting in the Season 9B missions.

🍃 Spring Campaign
A new Season event is coming, like the Summer of Explosions and the Winter Wonderland, we now present the Spring Quest which offers you the chance to play and collect the Zweihander, an all-new Bruiser weapon! This massive sword does significantly more damage than other Bruiser weapons, but only stuns with the Charge attack. This will let you make use of Punish and Razor traits and turn your Bruisers into real powerhouses against high-health enemies. There are more great Weapons, tokens, and other resources to be found by participating in the Spring Campaign, so keep an eye out for the campaign to start soon.

🔪Hunstman Daryl Calls
You have probably met him in the Guild Wars Shop, but once you update your game and the new season starts, you should be able to get more Hunstman Daryl tokens from Radio Calls in the game!

Guild Wars Fixes, Changes and Improvements
Thank you so much for playing, enjoying and for all the feedback you've given us about the Guild Wars feature - not just the fact that so many players are playing and competing but also the messages, bug reports, and support from players who want the feature to be even better - we agree! All of the issues below have been improved, and the bugs should be far less frequent starting with Season 2 of Guild Wars, which starts on the 6th of February.

Rewards Changes
- A new set of items are in the Guild Shop to be collected for Season 2, featuring Survivalist Rick and a new version of the RPG called the "Devil's Torch". This new RPG has a built-in Incendiary trait, meaning that you have a 35% chance to ignite a whole crowd of walkers.

Victory Points Rebalance
- The number of Victory Points needed to reach higher tiers has been decreased, which should allow more Guilds to reach the highest Tier.

Guild Wars Gas*
Players are very eager to get access to more GW Gas in rewards. To aid with this, "Preparation week" is now changed to "Preparation period" instead, so GW Gas is now available every week in the Challenges and in The Distance. This way, players can collect more GW Gas without spending money or regular Gas, and the availability is the same for all players regardless of level.
- You can find 5 GW Gas in every Normal Distance and 10 in every Hard Distance.
- The required number of Challenge Stars has changed; now you will find it when you reach 600 Stars (5 GW Gas), 800 Stars (5 GW Gas), and 1000 Stars (10 GW Gas).
- Barrel of Guild Wars Gas now gives 50 Gas.
- Bucket of Guild Wars Gas now gives 15 Gas.
- GW Gas for Gold now gives 40 GW Gas for 1500 Gold, once per war.
- Added GW Gas offers that you can buy with Trade Goods in the Trade Goods Shop, once per war (12.000 Trade Goods for 20 GW Gas).
- More GW Gas offers available in the Guild Shop.
- We have also added GW Gas to the Silver and Gold crates found when viewing movies in the Cinema.

*Since we won’t be having a proper preparation period this week, players will get 40 GW Gas by the start of the Season. After that, GW Gas when the season starts will be removed.
*These changes are not permanent and we can still change it during this season or for the next one. If this happens, we will communicate it beforehand.

Reward Points Rebalance
- As we now increased the amount of GW Gas you can get in the game and also decreased the number of Victory Points you need to reach to get to a new tier, we had to reduce the number of Reward Points you get per mission. If you collect all the gas available in the game and use it, you should be getting more Reward Points than before, but it means that you have to play more battles/missions.

Minimum number of players required for a battle
- It’s now reduced from 6 to 5.

Difficulty Adjustments
Two kinds of feedback were common about the difficulty of Guild Wars events. On one hand, players who were in Guilds of mixed levels were unhappy with the number of missions that they could play - they wanted to do more. On the other end of the spectrum, advanced and veteran players were surprised to complete the entire map so quickly and wanted more challenge in the final sectors. To address these issues, the difficulties of some missions have changed [later missions are generally a little more difficult than before], and additional PvE missions have been added to the right-hand Sectors so that players will have more missions to play before the map is completed.

Battle-joining Restrictions
- Joining a Guild during a Battle - In a few cases, guilds were removing members from their Guild roster when signing up for a match in order to affect the matchmaking process, and then those members would rejoin and participate in the battle once it was underway. This is not how Guild Wars were intended to be played, and so from now on, players who join a Guild while a Battle is underway will need to wait for the next sign-up period before they can join the Guild Wars list.

20 Players per War
- Guild Wars is intended to allow as many Guilds as possible play and compete together - not for any single Guild to dominate by artificially inflating its membership. To ensure fairness, the number of players that can contribute VP to a Guild in a single War is restricted to 20. Players can rotate and move to new Guilds between Wars and still give full participation in the Next War.

Difficulty display
- To help players know more about the mission they are about to play, difficulty values have been added to the Sector view and the Team select screens in Guild Wars. Previously, the difficulty would only be shown in Team Select for missions above the level of your survivors. Now, they will be seen before all missions. This will help Guilds coordinate to make sure that players are taking on the missions that help their team the most.

Bug Fixes
Sign-up period
  • A feature that keeps players signed up for Guild Wars until the Guild has enough sign-ups to play was causing bugs and has been fixed. From 3.1, players will be signed up for 4 hours or until the battle happens, whichever is shorter. This prevents players from needing to sign up every hour but also makes it less likely that a player who signed up cannot attend the Battle when it does happen.
Players stuck on the registering screen (< 1 minute to start the battle issue)
  • Some guilds couldn't register for a battle and were stuck on the "< 1 minute to start the battle" screen. This is now fixed and shouldn't be happening anymore.
5 GW Gas after a battle
  • We had a visual where your total amount of GW Gas wasn't being properly updated. Now every time you get GW Gas you should be able to see it right away on your screen.
Disconnects and missing players
  • We have identified and addressed several issues regarding connection issues between players and the game server. These would cause players to miss out on VP they had earned, or missions to not appear completed when they had been. As always, we strongly encourage players to use a strong and stable connection to the internet when playing Guild Wars. We will continue to monitor this issue as time goes on to see if further action is needed.
11/10 players playing a battle
  • The spectator was also being counted. It's now fixed and the number of players
Battles with few players
  • Some of the connection issues described above would cause players in the Battle to not appear in the score lists, even though those players are playing and scoring points for their guilds. This should happen less often, and if it persists, we will revisit the issue.
Data management
  • Streamlining the amount and frequency of data packages sent between the game and the server should improve battery and data usage, and give fewer opportunities for a failed message to cause other issues.
Restocking issues
  • The ways that the Guild Shop Items were restocking did not always fit the intended design. Now, all Guild Shop offers for the same item will restock in the same way, and tooltips have been added to show when each item will restock.
Sign-up and "Calculating scores" freezes
  • These issues are extremely annoying; waiting really is the hardest part of Guild Wars sometimes. We have made changes that should cause these kinds of freezes to happen far less often.
Spectating bug
  • The GW Gas award at the end of a battle was always intended to encourage people to actually play in the Battle, and not to sit on the sidelines. Therefore, the bug that was causing GW Gas to be incorrectly awarded has been fixed. Players shouldn't be getting less gas though, due to the GW Gas redistribution throughout the game.
Battle Start Notifications
  • A feature that sadly did not work correctly in 3.0 that sends notifications to all signed-up Guild members when the battle starts has been addressed. If you have allowed No Man's Land to send notifications to your phone, you will never miss another Battle start again!
Leaderboard refresh times
  • The frequency of updates was unnecessarily high and may have led to some scores not seeming accurate, as well as additional battery and data usage. The leaderboards will not update constantly during a battle but will be updated when the battle is complete. The in-battle scores are the best place to find live updates to the battle progress.
Battle Pass refresh time
  • All players will have their battle passes [a.k.a. 'keys'] refreshed at the same time, instead of a time related to their first login during a Guild Wars event. Players still need to actually log in to the game before the keys will appear in the Guild roster, as before.
Reward Multiplier display
  • The values for the multipliers for the VP and Rewards Points multipliers were in incorrect positions and caused some confusion. These have been corrected.
Other fixes
Human Enemy Classes
  • A bug caused all Human enemies throughout the game to appear as Scouts. This was unintentional, and the raiders and freemen have had their rifles and swords returned.
Metalhead Walkers and Hunters
  • A bug would cause the enemies in front of a Metalhead walker to not take damage from a Hunter attack, which was backward from the original intent. The bug has been addressed, and Metalheads should now only protect enemies behind them, as was originally intended.
Huntsman Daryl Bugs
  • Hunstman Daryl's Leader Trait was preventing some traits like Retaliate, Revenge and Punish to work. This is now corrected and those traits should work even if Prowl was triggered in the previous turn.
  • His trait was also ignoring your second action point. Now you should be able to move, Prowl and move again if you still have an action point.
Michonne's Leader Trait and the Chainsaw
  • The chance of decreasing the threat level was not working with the Chainsaw. Now, when a Warrior equipped with the Chainsaw is under the effect of Michonne's trait, they will have a chance to decrease the threat level as it was originally intended.
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