Badge power variation - why?

DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 573
So I just used 5 x Epic components to create a new badge. Yay, it's % damage!!! Oh, hold on... +11% (+3% if Rufus is in the party). That sounds a bit poop. Let's check some of my other badges...

4*: +14% (no condition), +12% (+3% if hunter in party) etc
3*: +10% (+2% if hunter), +11% (no condition)

So with the Rufus (lol) condition, that badge is barely better than my 3* badges and significantly worse than other epic +damage badges.

Why does NG have such a random allocation of stats for badges? Given that the random factor is already built in with shape and position, does it need random stats too?

Surely it would make more sense that:
X% flat boost
X-1% boost (+2% if class or trait condition met)
X-1% boost (+3% if specific character condition met)

+14% damage
+13% (+2% if hunter in group or +2% if survivor has vigilant)
+13% (+3% if Sasha is in group)

It's especially painful when you create a 5* badge that is no more powerful than your 4*.


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