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Hello dear developers, i have a question how your badge calculator works? or your calculater have own math?
Badge 15% + 20% Bonus should give 18% but it gives 17%... i don,t check right now for bigger numbers... but its bites....


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    @Huricane444 the % you see on the badges is rounded to the nearest digit.
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    Basically your 15% badge could be 14.5%
    + (20% bonus) 2.9% = 17.4%
    (rounded) 17%

    *I don't write or necessarily agree with this system, just remember this conversation some time ago.
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    I for one don't believe that explanation and think it is incorrect. I don't think badges have a base value that is not a whole number. Why? Because it either means that DR badges are treated differently than any other badge type in the game, or the visual interfaces that you see in the character screens in the game are wrong.

    If you build a calculator for damage and health values, you'll find that the 20% set bonus on a 15% badge comes out to precisely 18%, and can be verified by the values you see on the character screen. There is no reason to believe that a different system would be coded for DR badges for example. The easiest explanation is that there is a visual bug to the badge screen when it shows 17% vs. 18%.

    I've tested damage values literally hundreds of times and am satisfied that this is the case. The wonderful thing about math is that it is not subjective. In other words, 2+2 will always equal 4. No exceptions.
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    A 19% badge with a 20% set bonus boosts to 22.8%, so should show as 23% visually if what you say is true. It does not. It shows as 22%, and I have screen shots that can prove it.
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    Believe it or not makes no difference to me. Just giving information I'm aware of. :smiley:

    All % badges are treated the same. Example; a 10% badge could actually be anywhere from 9.5% to 10.4%
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  • Huricane444Huricane444 Member Posts: 147
    Dear friend, my eyes see what they see that what i ask... )) how can frafted badge gives 14.5 ? its nominal wht i craft it should give 14 or 15... there is now info that i can craft badge 14.5 ))
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    Thanks for the info. I am aware of that explanation, but I do not believe it to be accurate, and I do not mean for that to be taken as a personal attack on you or anyone else.

    Besides not making any sense to start badges with a fractional value, even that math does not work, as there is never an adjusted badge value of 18%. That means the developers would have had to explicitly arrange base badge values so that they could never equal a boosted value of 18%. Seems like a lot of effort would be needed to program that feature, with no real reason to do so.

    My strong suspicion is that base badge values are a whole number, and that a 14% badge would be boosted to 16.8%. The badge interface does not round up, so visually you would see 16%. The visual glitch is that the 15% badge, whose boosted value is really 18%, only shows as 17%.

    I know the developer has said badges could start with fractional base values, and that may well have been their intent, but I don't believe the game calculations are implementing fractional base values on badges.

    If you applied two damage badges with those values to a survivor for example, you would see damage on the survivor interface increase by precisely 29% (14%+15%). If you added other badges that gave you a set bonus, you would see damage increased by 34.8% (14%+15%=29%*1.2=34.8%). These values show right on the hero interface that shows Damage and Health points.

    I've tested damage calculations with and without badges hundreds of times and arrived at values that support those calculations. Maybe that is too small a sample size, but the most likely explanation is that badges have base values that are always a whole number, equal to what you see when you craft the badge.

    The visual glitch affects badges with base values of 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%. It also affects flat value badges when the boosted value equals a whole number. For example, a +120 damage badge with a 20% set bonus is worth +144, but will show as +143 in the interface. And, like % badges, the boosted value is not rounded up, so a +118 badge with a set bonus is worth +143.6, but shows on the interface as +143.
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    Using whole numbers is the only way to exactly calculate the damage and health shown on the survivor screen. The badge percentage when in a set, does not agree with the actual survivor value increase. The percentages are visually rounded down, but it wasn't always like that.
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    Who can tell about Decrease damage badges , 20+5 The bonus 5 also get 20% from 4 badge bonus?
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