Legendary Assault, Legendary shooter & legendary hunter.

I am personally at lvl 54 but my guys are stuck at 20’s rt now. I have upgraded all the 20’s armor and weapons to 23’s...but tbh traits that were important just aren’t anymore and new weapons are being added all the time.. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to tell me the best traits and armor additions that would be most aggressive on my assault, shooter and hunter...Also, I have tons of badges and I’ve compared them thm all and added accordingly but I’m really not sure which badges work better with with each addtl groups...ie: Assault, Bruiser, Hunter, etc.

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  • rchaprchap Member Posts: 85
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    First, the game is all about melee now, so if you aspire to be an end gamer reaching the highest challenge levels, focus there.

    That said, ranged is what I used and was great until about level 34 walkers. My squad was Sasha in the lead, with Abe and Aaron.

    For that squad, you want Luck on weapons, as it increases Sasha's leader trait. Avoid piercing on weapons as it hurts her trait. For Abe, I liked Luck, Concussion and Widespread on my rifle. For Aaron, The Bow or Scoped 9mm is great, or Luck, High Power and Destructive on regular gun. For Sasha, Luck, Wide Caliber and Destructive (or Incendiary if you prefer) on her weapon.

    For Armor, you want Stun Resistance on Abe since he will be a tank, as well as Iron Skin and Health Boost. For Aaron, you want Charge Damage, and anything else would work, but I'd go for Dodge and Health Boost or Stun Resistance. For Sasha you want Stun Resistance, Iron Skin and Charge Damage.

    You didn't ask about badges, but I have Sasha and Abe at 80% Damage Reduction using 2 badges and armor. I give them 2 badges for Health and 2 for Damage. Aaron should get 3 Damage and 3 Critical Damage. Always have him attack last for his damage bonus that Abe or Sasha already hit.

    Do that and at toon level 25, you can definitely get to Walker level 34.
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    This is only my 2nd time posting on here even thought I’ve been playing 3 yrs. you are amazing!! Thank you so much and I’m heading to make those changes now !! We are a very competitive team within our group but in a very good way...Being one of the only girls on there I can hold my own pretty well...usually top 3 at least but this will be fun to watch....thanks again!!
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