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  • enigma12enigma12 Member Posts: 250
    @MFJigsaw I feel your pain! NG should scrap last weeks GW’s and start it again! It’s the ONLY way to be fair and just!
  • enigma12enigma12 Member Posts: 250
    @Jaden It was a suggestion as many guilds had problems. When our guild points problems out we reach out to see if other guilds experience the same problems so everyone can find a solution.

    If one guild has a problem and NG can fix it, then every guild who has the same problem can get it fixed. If we don’t point out problems then nothing will get done.
  • ScottieScottie Member Posts: 113
    I've just pulled out of the last battle as yet again, for the 3rd time this war players points are not showing up! On the 1st occasion yesterday one of our guild members (Salmon, aka @fishy from my guild Dead Unlucky) guild wars points did not register which resulted in our first defeat of the season.
    The 2nd occasion involving the same player (Salmon, aka @fishy) resulting in our 2nd defeat & now this time my points were not registering so I withdrew from the battle & had to leave it to them.
    Now our perfect start to this seasons wars has been totally ruined let alone all the hard work everyone in my guild has put in to try & progress further & unlock better rewards.
    It's a ratio of 3 battles out of 5 this weekend that has affected our enjoyment of playing in the guild wars.
    I look forward to hearing from you & how & when this long, long-lasting problem will finally be fixed.
    Scottie from Dead Unlucky
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