Alleged visual issue is not fixed.

dlbdlb Member Posts: 238
They promised the visual glitch on gw gas was fixed but it just happened to me after the battle that started at 4pm eastern standard time. I restarted multiple times and my gas did not go up. I had 57, it 'added' 5, and I still 57. Anyone else have the same problem?


  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,171
    I’m gonna go ahead and speak for everyone

    There’s issues today. With a bunch of stuff and thangs. Tomorrow is a new day.
  • dlbdlb Member Posts: 238
    Happened again, battle started 7 am est. I believe it gave me the gas before the closing animation. I recall seeing gas in the high 70s towards the end but had 80 before it rolled. So it definatly needs more work.
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