Metal head walker

Is there any way to know if I'm gonna fight with the metal head walkers before I go into the battle?

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  • JenngJenng Posts: 3,163
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    The mission screen gives you a little sneak peak on levels and types of walkers so you can better prepare to rock! ;)

  • PigBenisPigBenis Posts: 1,051
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    Yes, I don't have a pic of the icon but it looks like a bullet glancing off of the head of a walker.
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  • PigBenisPigBenis Posts: 1,051
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    Hmm, makes me wonder. I know it when I see it but don't remember the exact details.

    Edit: Found a pic. From description it makes sense that it's a bullet bouncing off of the metal coated head of the walker. You should see the symbol in the mission selection screen within an area/zone on the map.
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  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,163
    I think that’s a shard of metal penetrating it’s skull..........But alas, I’m keyless and also don’t have a ss
  • glengieglengie Member Posts: 4
    Thank you so much😊

    I will pay attention to that icon next time I play guild war, so that I can be prepared😉✌、
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