Rewards Points Needs Updating Too

@Kaz, we all know the issues during GW this weekend, but that's not what this post is about. Even if the server issues are resolved I think the rewards points still needs to be looked at because they were almost cut in half from last season. The guild shop tiers may have been reduced but were they cut in half?

My main gripe though is that the RP on each level (forest, junkyard, sanctuary) are the same regardless of level. Why should someone fighting a level 31 mission get the same rewards as someone playing a level 34 mission? it makes no sense and gives no incentive to playing harder missions. I don't care what the values are, but change the RP to be based off mission level, not only does it reward players for trying harder missions but it allows for more strategy during battles about which players go where.


  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 470
    REWARDS POINTS JUST SUK NOW Cut in half what a Joke again
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